Elevating Tax Professionals to Family Office Directors

We will design and deliver a customized Success Map based on your unique situation and goals. This map will take you from tax professional to the highest and best version of yourself—the Family Office Director. Our Learning Management System will give you the industry and product knowledge you need, and our subject matter experts will guide you through the regulatory and compliance requirements to get you started. At the same time, our marketing team prepares you for your perpetual business development campaign.

Multi-Family Office Platform

We believe that democratizing the family office experience is the most significant opportunity in financial services in decades, and the tax pro is in the perfect position to lead that effort. We will build and manage a family office for you.

You bring the tax expertise, and we supply everything else.

We will create a comprehensive solution for your clients that provide the essential deliverables enjoyed by the ultra-rich: integrated tax, wealth, and risk management services. Our Investment Map, Wealth Map, Retirement Map, and Recommendations Map work together to diagnose the client’s current situation and map a customized path to a lower cost, more tax-efficient, more intelligently diversified, and risk-adjusted solution.

Done-For-You Partnership

Imagine a new, smarter division of labor, in which you only perform tasks you’re compensated for, and which require your unique combination of experience and wisdom. With our Done-for-You partnership, all middle and back office tasks are handled by an elite team of operations and service professionals dedicated to the success of your business.

Other firms want you to be a salesperson. Our vision is very different: we see you in the vitally important role of Family Office Director. As a tax-centric consultant you will be directing the deployment of subject matter experts in the fields of asset, risk, and retirement planning and management.

Marketing and Business Development

You can be the best in the world at tax consulting, but you cannot also be the best at business growth and development. By partnering with us, you can have both.

We will produce and deliver a permanent monthly campaign of email, newsletter, video, and webinar-based educational materials that add real value to your client relationships and can open a world of new revenue opportunities for you.

Family offices do not sell; they are fiduciaries who act solely in the best interests of their clients. Our educational client campaigns are designed to educate and keep you at top-of-mind, maximizing the value of the trust you’ve earned.

Are You Ready to Evolve From a Tax Professional to a Family Office Director?

Direct your own Multi-Family Office. Satisfy your clients. Increase your revenue. Build enterprise value.

Pioneering the Democratization of the Multi-Family Office, Historically the Domain of the Ultra Wealthy

Family offices are built on a problem-solving, fiduciary approach. Family office directors are not salespeople—and they shouldn’t be. But that is the choice offered by our competitors: learn to become a salesperson or sign over your book of business to sharks with a single goal: transferring your clients’ wealth to themselves.

You manage the relationship; we will handle virtually everything else. In this radical new division of labor, all parties do only those jobs that they are best at. As a Multi-Family Office Director you maintain complete control.

"True" Fidicuiary

Only a true fiduciary can best advise your clients. Therefore, you must make the shift from referring out to referring in. Your clients trust and rely on you—you risk breaking that bond when you refer your clients to non-fiduciaries whose agenda may be self-serving.

That shift can have a profound impact on your client’s financial well-being. And on yours.

Satisfied Clients

America’s wealthiest people are also its most successful investors. The reason for this is simple: their multiple professionals in tax, investing, and risk management all work together as fiduciaries toward the common goal of their client’s best interests.

That dream-come-true value innovation is available now–through you.

We believe that client loyalty is downstream from trust, and that trust is downstream from transparency. Our multi-family office partnership with you is designed to retain and maximize the trust you’ve worked so long and hard to engender by being fully transparent and adhering to the tenets of the true fiduciary.

Low cost, a focus on after-tax compounding, creative diversification, and, crucially, an empathy-based approach to risk exposure can make all the difference for your clients. Let us show you how all of this can happen for your clients and you.

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