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The Multi-Family Office Difference

Direct your own multi-family office. Satisfy your clients. Increase your revenue. Build enterprise value.

You’re the most trusted — and for a good reason. Yet you capture less than 10% of your clients’ total spend on financial services. Learn how a partnership with Financial Gravity can help you win the Wallet Share War — with no selling. And with our success guarantee, you have almost nothing to lose.

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You want deeper and more meaningful client relationships, and the diverse revenue streams that come with them. And your clients desperately need a better alternative to the conflict-riddled, product/sales nature of the financial services industry.

Up to now, the choices have not been attractive, and you’ve borne all the risk. When a CPA becomes a salesperson, all kinds of things can go wrong. You could lose your brand, your reputation, and most importantly, your most-trusted status, the source of all good things for you.

This one fact freezes most CPAs out of the larger contest for client wallet share, and explains why, according to the AICPA, 75% of CPAs have made no effort to offer services beyond the traditional compliance, bookkeeping, dispute resolution and tax planning roles that define most tax practices.

Your unique position, which combines deep knowledge of your client’s financial situation and inherent trustedness, gives you the opportunity to reap substantial rewards by expanding the scope of your offers, but the risks entailed are substantial. The trick is to stay in the role of true fiduciary.

Our Turnkey Multi-Family Office Charter allows you to win the wallet share war with no selling, at very low cost, and with near zero risk. CPAs just like you are partnering with us to change everything for their clients, themselves and their practices.

What You Will Learn

Multi-Family Office Charter Frequently Asked Questions

First, we actually want to be your partner. You own the business and the client relationships. We are here to help them benefit from a true best-interests approach we call Taxes First, Then Math. Financial Gravity has everything you need to deliver the benefits of a multifamily office to clients that would otherwise never break free from the inherent conflicts of captured salespeople.

Every single and multi-family office employs one or more tax professionals. Their role is tax planning, relationship management and ensuring the integrity of the people and processes. Professionals and subject matter experts in financial and estate planning, asset protection and wealth management from Financial Gravity work with you in an integrated, coherent process to find the best solutions for the client.

This is precisely the mission of Financial Gravity. Our Done-For-You partnership model is here to provide everything you need. You won’t need to hire new staff, take on new space, leverage your firm or wrestle with the compliance and regulatory regimes.

We can create a Tax Practice Conversion Analysis for you. Based on our proprietary algorithm, we will gather information about the type of tax work you do and your client profiles and give you insight into potential threats from commoditizing compliance work, the amount of new revenue needed to replace that threatened revenue, the total potential revenue in your existing practice, and the long range impact on the value of your practice. There is no cost for this report.

Virtually none. Ours is a subscription model. You will have access to the full complement of Financial Gravity’s team and resources for a very low monthly fee. That includes full agency-level marketing solutions, your own personal coach, our learning management system, and our tech and operations personnel.

Democratization is an age-old, natural process. A good example is mutual funds. Although out of date now, 100 years ago they allowed virtually anyone to invest in stocks and bonds. Before that, investing was strictly for the wealthy. In the same way, the benefits of the family office must likely move downmarket. After all, virtually anyone would benefit from intelligent tax planning, objective product selection and transparency, three pillars of the family office.

Done-For-You and your personal Family Office Partner, armed with your personalized Success Map, should be able to generate opportunities for you within two to three months. During that time, our Cadence Coaching program and our learning management system should teach you everything you need to know.

You don’t want to change your reputation for accuracy, reliability and timeliness–those are the foundations of your trusted status. Financial Gravity’s agency-level marketing program will educate your clients on a better way to secure their retirement and achieve their financial goals–the family office method. Fully white labeled, your new website, monthly newsletter and email campaigns will change the way your clients think about you—putting you top-of-mind and on your way to winning the wallet share war.

When you refer clients to bankers, lawyers, asset managers and insurance people, you are already in a director’s role. Unfortunately, almost always the people you refer clients to operate in a siloed role, limited only to the type of asset or the products their company makes available. By partnering with Financial Gravity, you can ensure that your clients enjoy the full benefit of your tax planning advice, while our team handles everything associated with solutions development, on-boarding and service.

Loyalty is a positive and worthy attribute, but we suggest that loyalty to your clients must always have top priority. Can you imagine the insurance pro you refer to not finding an insurance solution for whatever the client’s situation is? Or a banker referring to a stock broker, or vice versa? The family office approach works because all the various professionals and disciples work together for the benefit of the client. Truly well-served and happy clients lead to a more sustainable and valuable practice for you.

Financial Gravity’s Compliance team will provide all the support you need. Our subscription includes an E&O policy and continuing education support, as well as making sure you are compliant with all the securities and insurance regulations that govern your practice.

Yes, and we are here to provide it. Financial Gravity has assembled a tech stack of best-of-breed providers for custody and clearing, portfolio management, reporting, billing and analysis. Our CRM is embedded with business practices for client development, support and servicing to off-load all your middle and back office tasks. Two-factor authentication and our data and privacy routines will keep your practice secure.

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