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Tax Pro: Make More Money, Do Less Work

Financial Gravity’s Turnkey Multi-Family Office Charter is the biggest productivity breakthrough since the calculator. A game changer for you, a life-changer for your clients.

Our Charter is a Done-For-You model. You handle tax strategy and relationship management, we do everything else. A comprehensive, plug-and-play multi-family office solution that provides all the knowledge, infrastructure and marketing support you need to double your revenues with no incremental work.

Democratizing the multi-family office delivers a transparent, true fiduciary approach we call Taxes First, Then Math® and puts investment policy downstream from tax strategy. Subject matter experts from across the spectrum of tax, asset and risk management, can help the client enjoy the same benefits the wealthiest American families do.

Tax professionals are trusted at the level of medical doctors, but typically earn 5% or less of their client’s total share of wallet. Our value innovation can provide objectively better outcomes by lowering costs, improving tax efficiency, solving for complex risks and aligning risk exposure with the client’s unique situation—all with zero selling. You can be a hero for your clients, with no risk to your reputation.

Significant barriers to entry have kept entrepreneurial tax pros out of expanded financial services, but that all changes with Financial Gravity’s Turnkey Multi-Family Office Charter. Our total solution provides coaching, mentoring, middle and back office, business development support, agency level marketing solutions and best of breed tech stack, all for one low monthly subscription.

We have the receipts. Tax professionals just like you are enjoying multiple, recurring revenue streams, wider margins and higher valuations, even letting their productivity-crushing low-end clients go. Imagine weekends off in April. We are so confident that our Charter will work for you, we guarantee your success.

The family office is the most successful and sustainable wealth management model in the world, for the simple reason that everyone involved works towards a common goal: the best interests of the client family. With Financial Gravity’s Turnkey Charter, you clients can enjoy that same conflict-free experience. A better outcome for them, and for you.

Family Office Director Testimonials

Tax professionals just like you have proved our concept.
Listen to their powerful testimony.
"You will look like a hero in the eyes of your client!"
Aleksey kaplan family office director
Aleksey K.
CPA, Family Office Director
"The Family Office Director is the wave of the future for the accounting profession."
Kimberly perry family office director
Kim P.
CPA, Family Office Director
"Anybody who thinks they want to add advisory and additional services: this is the way to go."
Bill perlette family office director
Bill P.
Tax Pro, Family Office Director
"This year Family Office business will generate very close to the same net profit as my CPA business”
Erling brakke family office director
Erling B.
CPA, Family Office Director

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Find out if our Charter is right for you, and get your complimentary Tax Practice Conversion Analysis based on your existing business.

Finally, a book for tax professionals that’s worth reading. No cost, and in multiple formats: e-book, audiobook, printed copy and innovative, interactive web version.

The wealthiest families can have anything they want, and they choose the family office. For the first time, your clients can enjoy the same value delivery model.

To learn more about the Turnkey Multi-Family Office Charter, please schedule an appointment. If you need help scheduling an appointment, please send an email to 

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