Financial Gravity Welcomes New Family Office Director Sabina Pan

Financial Gravity Companies, Inc. (OTC: FGCO) (“Financial Gravity”) Gravity welcomes Sabina Pan, CPA, MBA, CFF, aboard as a Family Office Director.

Sabina L. Pan is the founder and principal of Bay CPA Plus, a dedicated advisor to investors, entrepreneurs, and small business owners. She holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from INSEAD along with a Bachelor’s in Accounting from Golden Gate University. She is a Certified Public Accountant, a Certified Financial Fiduciary®, and a Certified Financial Planner® candidate.

She has professional experience in public accounting firms, multi-national companies, and not-for-profit organizations. She is the author of two finance books: “What Intelligent Business Owners Know – 10 Tried and True Ways to Save Your Business Thousands of Dollars” and “What Intelligent Investors Know – Top 10 Expensive Tax Mistakes To Avoid”.

This varied professional background gives her a unique perspective in advising clients on how to grow their businesses and build personal wealth. She is also a business coach for start-ups and not-for-profits.

As a Family Office Director, Sabrina is responsible for prescribing advanced tax solutions and ensuring her network of partners fill those solutions with fidelity to her plan. She relies on the experts at Financial Gravity, Inc., a true partner — not just a vendor — who helps her deliver lower costs, higher tax efficiency, more comprehensive diversification, and more transparent risk management.

On why she decided to work with Financial Gravity, Sabina shared, “The clientele increasingly need answers to questions that are beyond traditional and simple tax planning. They are looking for more holistic financial guidance that is beyond the short-term horizon. Additionally, a one-stop shop set up for their financial well-being will be ideal for them to get all their needs met, given their busy schedule. Lastly, they trust CPA for our fiduciary inclination. We are looking for a strategic partner that can help augment what we are already doing to serve our clients better and deepen our relationships with them.”

Financial Gravity CEO Scott Winters shared, “We are excited to have Sabina join us at Financial Gravity. We both

Agree that holistic planning and focusing on a client’s long-term goals is extremely important..

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