Financial Gravity Welcomes New Family Office Director Josh Rahn

Financial Gravity Companies, Inc. (OTC: FGCO) (“Financial Gravity”) Gravity welcomes Josh Rahn aboard as a Family Office Director.

Josh Rahn is a CPA who brings a wealth of knowledge from multiple industries to his clients. He has more than 18 years’ experience in tax and accounting. His expertise includes consulting with businesses and individuals on tax and financial matters. In addition to being a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Josh is a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) and Certified in Strategy and Competitive Analysis (CSCA)- the leading global certifications for strategic financial management in business.

Josh has utilized his talents to assist clients with business advisory, tax planning, individual and business tax preparation, tax research, entity selection, payroll, sales tax, cash management, forecasting, financial reporting, strategic guidance, and other small business and individual needs.

As a Family Office Director, Josh is responsible for prescribing advanced tax solutions and ensuring his network of partners fill those solutions with fidelity to his plan. He relies on the experts at Financial Gravity, Inc., a true partner — not just a vendor — who helps him deliver lower costs, higher tax efficiency, more comprehensive diversification, and more transparent risk management.

Josh shared, “Throughout my career, I have seen accountants, attorneys, financial advisors, insurance agents, business consultants, and so on, all working separately, dealing with matters reactively within their own distinct spheres. They seldom contemplate or discuss the broader implications of their advice on the comprehensive planning needs of the client. Just think about how disastrous it would be if medical experts didn’t coordinate and communicate with each other. This is precisely why I have chosen to join Financial Gravity. Being a part of Financial Gravity is not just being part of a team; it is a powerhouse of experts specializing in Wealth Management, Tax Strategy, Risk Mitigation, Retirement Planning, and Estate Planning. Having this dedicated team means we can serve our clients with proactive and holistically focused planning that they haven’t experienced before.”

Financial Gravity CEO Scott Winters shared, “We are thrilled to have Josh join us at Financial Gravity. We appreciate our shared vision of proactive, holistic, and coordinated planning.”

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