Financial Gravity Welcomes New Family Office Director Jessica Aldulaimi

Financial Gravity Companies, Inc. (OTC: FGCO) (“Financial Gravity”) Gravity welcomes Jessica Aldulaimi aboard as a Family Office Director.

Jessica Aldulaimi has a passion for business and entrepreneurship. She prides herself on exceptional service to her clients. Jessica brings a unique perspective having a background as a CPA and owner of multiple businesses. She understands business and the importance of building long-lasting relationships, being proactive along with negotiation and advocating for her clients. Her passion to help clients with income tax strategies comes from knowing the importance of her work and how helping a business owner grow their business not only supports one family, but it supports each employee’s family and the entire community.

Jessica is a Senior Leader with the Tony Robbins organization; she enjoys being active at the events and helping others break through their limiting beliefs. She’s married to Hani, a successful Commercial Realtor, they enjoy all things real estate, investing, flipping, remodeling, developing, and educating others. They are the proud parents to Alex and Sofia, and their 2 Doodle pups Teddy and Winston. They love quality time hiking, reading, and playing card games together.

Jessica shares, “As a Family Office Director, I feel blessed being able to collaborate with my clients on how to help them build their dreams. I enjoy preparing comprehensive plans that help them save taxes, build their wealth, and have fun while doing it!”,

Financial Gravity EVP John Pollock shared, “We are excited Jessica is joining us at Financial Gravity. We think our business outlooks are very complimentary to each other and look forward to the future.”

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