Financial Gravity Welcomes New Family Office Director Angie Bhasin

Austin, Texas, June 14, 2023, Financial Gravity Companies, Inc. (OTC: FGCO) (“Financial Gravity”) Gravity welcomes Angie Bhasin aboard as a Family Office Director.

Angie Bhasin is a Certified Tax Planner/Coach and a Certified Public Accountant. She is the recipient of the prestigious Certified Tax Planner of the Year Award-2020, bestowed by the American Institute of Certified Tax Planners. She spends considerate time and effort staying abreast of all tax law changes in order to provide state-of-the-art service to her clients and also educate other professionals.

Angie is extremely passionate about educating taxpayers about the significance of pro-active tax planning and tactics to increase profits, improve cash flow, and grow generational wealth. She is a professional speaker, frequently presenting at Conferences and Mastermind Meetings sharing tax savings strategies with the audiences in order to educate them to STOP DONATING to the IRS. Her excellent credentials, professionalism, and affable personality allow her to provide expert advice on tax issues to thousands of taxpayers.

Angie shares that, “I partnered with FG to provide my clients full serve holistic concierge services, complimenting the customized tax planning we provide with comprehensive strategic financial services best suited for their individual needs. This partnership is aimed at resolving the frustration I experienced with advisors pushing their specific products rather than taking a holistic approach at advising in the client’s best interests since FG is able to tap into their wide array of resources and offer multitude of advanced solutions.”

Financial Gravity CEO Scott Winters shared, “We are happy to have Angie work with us at Financial Gravity. We are looking forward to our future partnership.”

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