Financial Gravity Announces Successful Completion of Transaction and Increase in Assets Under Management

Financial Gravity Companies, Inc. (OTC: FGCO) is excited to announce the successful completion of its recent transaction with Trusted Advisor/Trusted Team LLC dba Retirement Extender®. The transaction closed on April 17, 2023, resulting in increased cash flow and access to additional revenue streams for Financial Gravity.

As part of the transaction, Financial Gravity has gained access to the tax and investment advisory services of Retirement Extender® and its owner, Steve Margulin, CPA CFP®, a prominent player in the investment advisor/tax preparation industry located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This will bring more depth to Financial Gravity’s already talented team and will drive growth and improve efficiency.

The transaction has also resulted in a net increase of $100 million in assets under management at Financial Gravity’s asset management subsidiary, Financial Gravity Asset Management, Inc. This increase reflects the continued growth and success of the company in delivering exceptional financial services to its clients.

“We are delighted to have successfully completed this transaction with Retirement Extender® and Steve Margulin and to have increased our assets under management by $100 million,” said Scott Winters, Financial Gravity’s CEO. “This is a significant milestone for us and a testament to our commitment to providing our clients with the best possible financial services and our dedication to excellence in all aspects of our business.”

Financial Gravity is committed to continuing its growth and success in the financial services industry. We are confident that this increase in assets under management will allow us to better serve our clients and provide them with the high-quality financial services they have come to expect from us.

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