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Rosemary Black

Rosemary Black, CTO of Financial Gravity, brings Financial Gravity a rich background as a former independent software developer and consultant. Her diverse experience spans various industries, allowing her to navigate systems and data of all sizes. Rosemary has contributed her expertise to numerous innovative projects, including creating a comprehensive digital catalog of bicycle laws in Iowa, developing mobile apps to aid farmers in Canada, implementing geographic information systems for the monitoring and installation of state infrastructure, designing processes and applications for the inception of a last-mile package delivery service, and developing framework used to provide insight into recruiting executive talent.

This extensive and varied professional experience has uniquely equipped Rosemary to analyze problems and devise solutions from a wide breadth of perspectives. During her tenure at Financial Gravity, she collaborated with Dr. Nelson and the team on the development of Incomize, the Real Risk System, and the Taxes First, Then Math Analysis. Beyond strategic leadership, Rosemary actively engages with the technology team, contributing to the ongoing development and maintenance of Financial Gravity’s robust tech stack.

Currently residing in the research triangle of North Carolina with her family, Rosemary continues to drive technological innovation and excellence in the dynamic landscape of offerings at Financial Gravity.

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