CPAs Can Look To Aesop For Success

Cpas can look to aesop for success

CPAs operate in a world of objective truth, and that provides them with powerful advantages. But, given that the CPA can’t use persuasive techniques of the sort that salespeople do, CPAs will have to rely on a slow and steady campaign of education if they want to offer a broader scope of services to their clients.

The Hippocratic Oath and Entrepreneurial CPAs and EAs

The hippocratic oath and entrepreneurial cpas and eas

The Certified Public Accountant or Enrolled Agent operates in much the same way a medical doctor does. But the healthcare industry and the financial services juggernaut are two very different environments. While the doctor’s prescriptions are typically filled with total concern for the patient, the sales-dominated world of wealth management is riddled with conflict.

For CPAs: Dos and Don’ts For Firing Unwanted Clients

For cpas dos and donts for firing unwanted clients

Before letting low-billing tax preparation clients go in favor of more robust client relationships, tax pros should carefully assess the potential in every relationship. Here are some do and don’ts to make sure you don’t inadvertently say good-bye to real long-term value.

10 Tips for Tax Pros to Attract Better Clients

10 tips for tax pros to attract better clients

Tax pros don’t need—or want—more tax prep clients. They need better ones. A better client will do all kinds of wonderful things for you, and the best news is that your existing clientele is eager to become better for you.

The Persistence of Tax Season

The persistence of tax season

Threats to the accounting industry are nothing new. CPAs and EAs should view artificial intelligence as a productivity tool, one that allows them to focus on more profitable and margin rich activities, like strategic planning and implementation consulting.

Tax Industry Leader Hires TurboTax to Do His Taxes. The Results Will Shock You.

Dave o'rourke gives turbotax fiull service tax return service a try... And is not impressed.

I wanted real-life experience. What would the experience be like? Would it be faster, easier, less hassle, and more on my terms, or was this all about price? Was TurboTax NetJets or Spirit Airlines? Would I get nickel-and-dimed? Would there be any surprises? I determined I would be the guinea pig, and I would let my partners, colleagues, and friends know about my experience using TurboTax’s live full-service tax review.

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