Financial Gravity Welcomes New Family Office Director Ray Rathel

Austin, Texas, June 21, 2023, Financial Gravity Companies, Inc. (OTC: FGCO) (“Financial Gravity”) Gravity welcomes Ray Rathel aboard as a Family Office Director.

Ray Rathel, EA, Certified Tax Coach, and owner of Rathel’s Accounting, has been an authoritative figure in the world of taxation for over 30 years. A master in the nuances of Taxes, Tax Planning, and Tax Resolution, Ray has spent over three decades standing up for clients dealing with the IRS. His deep roots in the Metro Atlanta area, where he’s lived for over 50 years, ensure he understands the unique financial challenges of the community he serves.

After much research, Ray found a partner in Financial Gravity that helps clients accomplish their tax & wealth goals. This partner shares his values and uses a proprietary methodology to implement those values into holistic planning: a Taxes First, Then Math® approach.

As a Family Office Director, Ray is responsible for prescribing advanced tax solutions and ensuring his network of partners fill those solutions with fidelity to his plan. He relies on the experts at Financial Gravity, Inc., who help him deliver lower costs, higher tax efficiency, more comprehensive diversification, and more transparent risk management. Ray shared, “In the intricate world of taxation and investing, understanding your financial landscape is not a luxury—it’s a necessity.”

Financial Gravity CEO Scott Winters shared, “We are thrilled to have Ray join us at Financial Gravity. We look forward to working on holistic planning together.”

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