Financial Gravity Releases “Winning the Wallet Share War”

Financial Gravity Companies, Inc. (OTC: FGCO) (“Financial Gravity”), the leading provider of multi-family office solutions for tax professionals, today announced the release of a new book, Winning the Wallet Share War, authored by Dave O’Rourke, Financial Gravity’s Chief Evangelical Officer. “Winning the Wallet Share War” argues that emerging trends and new technologies create a favorable environment for tax professionals to expand the services they provide to their tax clients. This book explores the challenges and opportunities that modern tax professionals face, revealing how to capitalize on new client service opportunities.

“Winning the Wallet Share War” is the product of decades of collaboration with tax professionals. O’Rourke’s core argument is that now is the time for tax professionals to capitalize on their status as the most trusted advisors. “Tax pros are uniquely positioned to provide essential family office services to their clients,” said O’Rourke.“ This book addresses the challenges that must be overcome, and highlights the advantages that tax professionals should be capitalizing on.”

For years, tax pros have been referring their clients to outside investment advisors. However, this book makes the case that tax professionals have a unique opportunity to address client investment planning needs through a taxes first, then math approach. “Winning the Wallet Share War” is not your typical wonky business book. The book explains the step-by-step process developed over several years that allows tax professionals to provide additional needed service to their clients. The book explains the support that is available, and the track record of success.

We would be delighted to have a follow-up conversation: Dave O’Rourke, 800-588-3893, Ext 305,, or set an appointment here.

Financial Gravity’s innovative Turnkey Multi-Family Office Charter enables CPAs and Enrolled Agents to offer the benefits of a multi-family office, the most successful and sustainable model of wealth management. The Charter transforms tax professionals into Family Office Directors on a low-cost subscription basis that can be implemented in weeks. Financial Gravity provides full support multi-family office support.

Winning the Wallet Share War is available in multiple formats: e-Reader, audiobook, hard copy, and an innovative, interactive web version. All versions are free of charge. To order a copy of Winning the Wallet Share War, visit:

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