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You might think of spring as “tax season,” but that is a misnomer for small business owners. In reality, tax season should be thought of as tax filing season. Yes, it’s important to get your tax return filed on time, but the need for tax planning is really an omnipresent one. Filing your taxes is merely the end of a year-long cycle where you should see results of everything that happened in the past year. There are hundreds of opportunities to minimize your taxes throughout the year, but it starts now with a proactive tax strategy. If you want to pay less on your taxes, you need a tax professional who works for you year round.

You Need a Tax Professional Who Works For You Year Round

Stop Filing Taxes Reactively

“Tax season” is an all year long season. Every financial decision you make affects your tax return. Most people view their tax returns reactively, including the vast majority of CPAs. Tax filing shouldn’t just be an event that happens to you every year. With a little proactive work and a shift in perspective, it can be a positive event. Unfortunately, most CPAs do not know how to do this level of tax planning; they simply aren’t trained to do so.

In fact, most CPAs don’t do any proactive planning at all. Because they are only working historically, completing tax returns that reflect where you have been, they can’t help you get to where you should be going. To leverage all the benefits the tax code has to offer, you must be proactive.

Let The Tax Code Work For You

Did you know the tax code can work for you, and not against you? In fact, you can utilize the Tax Code to legally, ethically, and morally pay less. However, to leverage the benefits of the tax code, you must be proactive. Financial Gravity can help you keep more of what you make with strategic tax planning. It all starts with a Tax Blueprint®.

Don’t wait until tax filing season next year; strategic tax planning is an effort that should start right now. It doesn’t matter how good your tax preparer is with a stack of receipts, if you didn’t know you could structure your business in such a way that it would result in a reduction in your taxes, there isn’t anything to be done once it’s time to file. Every minute you wait is more of your hard-earned money that you will never see, overpaid in taxes you don’t legally, ethically, or morally owe.

You Need a Comprehensive Strategic Tax Plan

Tax planning is much more than getting some feedback from your tax preparer when you pick up your tax return in April. It’s also more than some end-of-year projections. If your only experience with tax planning is having someone tell you to buy more stuff or make less money, then you have never really experienced strategic tax planning.

The biggest mistake that most people make when it comes to taxes is failing to plan. If you are unsatisfied with the taxes you pay, you’re wondering if you are taking advantage of every available break, and you’re frustrated that your tax advisor isn’t giving you proactive advice for saving on your taxes, then you need a better plan.

True success in any endeavor takes planning, and tax planning is no different. We understand that in order to leverage the benefits of the tax code, you must be proactive. Financial Gravity offers the most comprehensive, proven strategic tax plan around with our Tax Blueprint®. This business essential provides a clear, proactive, strategic tax reduction plan that is customized specifically for you and your business.

Strategic Tax Planning Guarantees Results

At the end of the day, do you just want to know how much you owe, or do you really want to know how to pay less? Think of all the things you could do for your business and for yourself if you kept more of your money.

The Financial Gravity Tax Blueprint® is backed up by our 2X savings guarantee. That means you’ll never pay more than half of what we save you in tax savings. Strategic tax planning is the key to your financial defense. Businesses want to maximize money coming in, and minimize money going out. For many businesses, taxes are the biggest expense. It makes sense to focus your financial defense where you spend the most.

Don’t miss another opportunity, start your proactive tax planning now. At Financial Gravity we know it’s not what you make that counts, it’s what you keep. Let us help you keep more of what you make with strategic tax planning. Contact us today to get started on your tax savings.

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