The best part about YouTube is that you get to watch useless, mind numbing things on your computer or tablet at the same time that you are watching useless, mind numbing things on television. It is an A.D.D. multitasking fantasy world come to life, and I count myself among the luckiest people to be alive at a time such as this.

Occasionally when my brain is checked out in my multiplatform viewing I stumble across something that would otherwise be stupid, but I find genius embedded in it. Of course, after you view it HERE, you may disagree.

These are the type of videos that have you cheering for a mouse and a bulldog. What struck me was the persistence, something that seems to be lacking among a growing population of people. These “lesser creatures” have it in spades!

Ironically, it’s the patient, persistent movement toward a singular goal that makes the most successful people successful. THERE IS NOT OVERNIGHT SUCCESS! The idea that people can succeed quickly or that it is easy once you get there is a myth!

I was on a panel last year for a program called EO Accelerator (Entrepreneur’s Organization) which is kind of a JV version of EO. The panel was ostensibly successful EO members, (not sure why I was invited, the other two guys had much bigger businesses, but that is for another time). One of the Accelerator members asked, “at one point did you know you made it, that you knew you could take your ‘foot off the pedal’, that point when you knew it would all be fine.” Although we all had just met, we looked at each other and smiled, the panel consensus. It had not happened, and it will not happen. The bigger it gets, the problems just have more zeros and the problems never end. It is relentless! They actually found comfort in this!

Although the videos deal with an oversized cracker and an oversized bone, one thing I know is when the mouse got back to the mouse village, they all thought he was “lucky” to have the big cracker. The dog’s family did not appreciate the work the oversized bone took to get into the comfort of the home.

But that is the game, no matter how hard what you earned was to get, someone will think it was easy, someone will criticize you. As we round out the first quarter, appreciate what those with more success have, and emulate the persistence it took to get there.  Also, tap into their knowledge, you will be surprised just how generous they are to share the hard work, because very few appreciate it.

If you still have not gotten YOUR cracker over the ledge or YOUR bone through the door, BE PERSISTENT!

View The Cracker and The Bone:

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