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"If you get the TAXES WRONG, nothing else matters!" - John Pollock, CEO of Financial Gravity


Stop Paying TAXES You Don't Owe!

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This Video Course will show you...

why what your CPA does for you is not Strategic, nor is it Tax Planning 

why details such as your tax filing status may be costing you tens-of-thousands of dollars annually

how to widen the gap between your Tax Liability and your Profit

how as a small business owner you can obtain the benefits of Strategic Tax Planning that Fortune 500 companies enjoy

"I’ve been really pleased with what I’ve experienced, and I’m an engineer, so I have to have it proven. So I continue to test and prove... and I’m saving today probably $45,000 to $50,000."

Matt Kochan - CEO, ServicEngineBPO

The #1 Issue Facing Business Owners is TAXES 

No single issue does as much damage 

to a Business and its Owner than the Overpaying of Taxes,

because nothing else REMOVES CAPITAL BY FORCE 

from your business, while providing ZERO VALUE in return!

Financial Gravity knows how to STOP this, and now you can too!

If you're a BUSINESS OWNER paying $20,000 or more 

in Personal Income Tax, 




CONVENTION: My CPA does my Tax Planning. 

TRUTH: CPA's are historians. They don't create Strategic Tax Plans.

CONVENTION: My CPA has me Tax Efficient. 

TRUTH: If you're a Business Owner paying over $20K in Personal Income Tax, you are NOT Tax Efficient.

CONVENTION: It's too much work for too little return to try something new with my taxes. 

TRUTH: We do all the work, and you can save tens-of-thousands annually!

CONVENTION: I don't want to replace my CPA, I trust them and they know me. 

TRUTH: You can keep your CPA too (although we can replace them if you want!)

“Financial Gravity thinks outside the box... With one of the Tax Strategies they brought to me, I took it to two different accountants, and I got the same response from both of them that they promised I’d get, which was "Well, its legal but I don’t know that I would do that.” When I asked why, they said “well it might create a red flag.” I said “Well, if it's legal and creates a red flag so what? We're talking about a $120,000 savings here!” 

So it felt like the accountants didn't have my best interest in mind. They had their interests in mind, which was they didn’t want me getting audited because it would probably drag them into it and they didn’t want to be bothered, so they weren’t willing to try and save me $120,000 if it meant them having to go to a meeting with the IRS. 

Well, as it turned out I didn’t get audited, as Financial Gravity had assured me, since everything was by the book.”

Kevin Hassfuther - Owner, HailAlert


YOU are the fuel of all economies 

- without YOU nothing grows!

YOU are the risk takers and innovators 

- without YOU nothing advances!

YOU are the producers and providers 

- without YOU nobody improves!

YOU are able to do SO MUCH MORE 

- IF you turn TAXES into CAPITAL!

In the course, you'll also discover...

  • Tangible strategies you can implement THIS YEAR to significantly reduce your tax liability. 
  • How to analyze last year's tax return to determine the amount of money you could be saving. 
  • How to ensure that all of the proactive tax planning you do is IRS compliant, ensuring you stay off their radar and eliminate your risk of being audited. 
  • The number one strategy used by business owners that allows you to shelter up to $1 Million dollars in income... legally! (No offshore accounts, or other high risk strategies). 

  • How to structure your company for maximum tax efficiency. (Hint: 87% of business owners are getting this wrong!) 
  •  How to get the tax PLANNING help you need to ensure that YOUR strategy is optimized and working for you each and every year going forward! 
  •  While impressive, the strategies we'll be sharing with you in this course are 100% above board, and implemented by licensed tax planning professionals. We simply want to help you get the true tax planning help you NEED! 

Our Promise To You

Lowering taxes increases profitability and grows wealth. 

Our Tax Blueprint® and Tax Operating System® Tax Planning Products are like no other. 

We promise to save you at least 2X our one-time fee in taxes, and that’s a savings you realize every year! 

You literally have nothing to lose except overpaying taxes! 

It’s legal, ethical, and all in the Tax Code.

Who Is Financial Gravity?

We are the nationwide leader in providing Strategic Tax Planning to Small to Medium sized businesses. We will develop your CUSTOM Tax Blueprint®, as well as provide FULL EXECUTION of that blueprint with our Tax Operating System®. We are also a provider of Wealth Management and Business Services nationwide. 

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"The general idea behind Financial Gravity seemed so common sense, that I couldn't believe there wasn't someone that hadn't done this!"

George Crumley, Attorney