I went to bed the other night and stared at my night stand as it appeared so empty. It was missing a clock radio that I have had on every night stand since my early teens, but I no longer need it. I have not listened to the radio from the nightstand since high school. I don’t use the alarm on it, I have used the phone alarm for the last several years. I didn’t even use the clock; it was too bright so I covered it. I offered it to my kids, but they looked at me with the, “why would I want it?” look. So I threw it away and now I have an empty space.

I also noticed my key chain. It has on it only my office key. I can get into my house using an app or a code, no key required. I can even lock the doors by telling Alexa to lock the doors, but I don’t even HAVE a key for any door in my house. My car has something that opens the doors and a button to turn on the car, but it does not have a metal thing with jagged edges to plug in and twist.

I also miss the phone that is on the wall in a central location. I remember when my parents got a super long cord so we were able to go into the other room and shut the door to talk, those were the days.

I suppose missing these things is just nostalgia. The reality is that without the things I miss, my life is better. My life was good with them, but my life is better without them, what has replaced these missing things are better things, they do what the old things did, but better. Of course, the downside of all the new things is they all need batteries which creates new challenges the old things didn’t have.

Even that first world problem is being solved. Wireless charging is here and ubiquitous charging is coming as well. Meaning charging will be like Wi-Fi, it will be everywhere and always on, so stuff will just charge while you are standing in line at Starbucks.

I even remember when I had little kids an “older” mom said that someday I will miss the toys strewn about and under foot all the time. Now that I am that mom’s age, I can say unequivocally that she was wrong, but I do miss my clock radio.

What do you miss?

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