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Machine learning and AI challenge the very existence of the tax professional. Offshoring and process automation accelerates the inevitable race to the bottom. The compliance business will be demonetized and ultimately dematerialized, and likely sooner than you think.

But the modern, entrepreneurial tax professional has a clear path forward, a blue ocean strategy that can change the game forever.

This is the must-read book for every accountant who sees the handwriting on the wall but still understands that, ironically, their clients need their objective, fiduciary approach to problem-solving and planning more than ever.

In this book, you will learn two key performance indicators: wallet share and mindshare. And you will learn how you can multiply your revenues, profitability, and business value by 10X–without any capital outlay and in as little as 60 days.  without sacrificing your fiduciary standards or risking your most-trusted status.

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