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Financial Gravity Turns Tax Professionals Into Family Office Directors

There is one (and only one) truly sustainable model of wealth management in the world: the Family Office. By every measure of client satisfaction, the family office is by far the choice of the ultra high net worth cohort. This explains why family offices experienced 1,000% growth in the last decade, and now manage $70 trillion worldwide.

Like communications, computing power and computational power, the family office will eventually become democratized. That is the nature of all innovations: they are designed and developed for an elite clientele but eventually become available to everyone–they become democratized.

Financial Gravity is leading the transformation of tax professionals into Family Office Directors. Based on the family office model, the FOD directs and coordinates the efforts of investment, risk and legal professionals and subject matter experts under the aegis of a seasoned tax expert. That model is the essence of the family office model.

The benefits to the client and the professionals involved are absolutely game-changing. Value innovation includes lower cost, more tax efficiency, real transparency and an evolved approach to risk exposure.

Financial Gravity is challenging the status quo. We invite you to learn more.

The threats of AI and Big Data have made tax compliance a race to the bottom. The 10x Tax Pro delivers a just-in-time blue ocean strategy and the promise of a stunning reversal of fortune for the tax professional.

About Financial Gravity Companies, Inc.

Financial Gravity Companies Inc., along with its subsidiary companies, provide investment and tax professionals with a turnkey multi-family office charter. We help tax professionals evolve from the commoditized business of tax compliance to a Family Office Director that runs and manages their own multi-family office. Family Office Directors are able to leverage the Financial Gravity systems, technology, proprietary resources, and deep domain expertise to bring an elevated and holistic financial service experience to their clients that spans proactive tax planning, retirement and estate planning, wealth management, and risk mitigation.

Our mission

To give tax professionals a turnkey suite of tools, training, and community to dominate their market becoming true advisors, planners, and partners in their clients’ success.

Our vision

To dominate the transformation of the tax industry into financial services utilizing the multifamily office model, by being the BEST at education, creating client demand, and high-touch advisor support and service.

You Were Born on Third Base. We Can Get You Home Safely.

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