After Meghan Markle married Prince Harry, becoming the Duchess of Sussex, she became a British Citizen. But will she leave her U.S. citizenship behind or pay the IRS double the taxes?


Key Takeaways:

[:20] Recently, Meghan Markle went from average woman to becoming Her Royal Highness Meghan, Duchess of Sussex.

[1:25] Have the IRS lost a taxpayer or gained a whole new source of revenue?

[2:21] Becoming a British citizen won’t put anything in IRS pockets — but the real issue is whether or not she’ll keep her U.S. citizenship which would subject her to U.S. tax.

[2:58] If she gives up her U.S. citizenship she has to pay a $2,350 expatriation fee to quit paying U.S. taxes.

[3:27] But there’s a catch to all of this that leads to a seriously royal headache!

[4:03] If you’re hoping to marry royalty, just remember to give us a call at Financial Gravity before you walk down the aisle!


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