Life in the big city is pricey, so investment manager AllianceBernstein declared free agency to find a new hometown — tax savings and fat signing bonuses galore!


Key Takeaways:

[:24] If any teams are serious about winning the playoffs this year, it might be time to start looking at signing some free agents.

[:58] Corporations can pocket fat signing bonuses in the form of rich tax breaks by playing “free agent.”

[1:17] AllianceBernstein is an investment manager supervising $550 billion in assets.

[1:57] AllianceBernstein declared free agency to find a new ‘home.’

[2:24] Lower taxes was cited as one of the major reasons for their choice.

[3:40] Nashville’s newest residents will love their new tax savings — no state income tax, property taxes lower than New York, and they’re phasing out their investment tax.

[4:16] We’re sure you’ll love our recipe for tasty tax breaks — so call us if your mouth is watering for great savings at Financial Gravity!


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