It’s 2018, and tax reform is at hand. The new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act offers lots of planning opportunities, especially for business owners. There are many changes to the existing tax code, changes which can affect your business and its bottom line in unforeseen ways. For example, the new Qualified Business Income rules alone should be enough to keep an army of tax lawyers busy for years.

Now is a great time to sit down for Strategic Tax Planning.

What is Strategic Tax Planning?

Strategic Tax Planning always offers you the opportunity to pay less in taxes. If you’re like most business owners, you’ve never sat down to plan out your tax strategy for the year ahead. You’ve just depended on your CPA to look at your records, fill in boxes and make sure you’re compliant with tax law.  That’s a mistake, and it probably cost you big time, even before the enactment of the new rules. Now, with the new tax code in place, you have a new playing field. But if you plan ahead, this can be to your advantage.

How Do I Create a Strategic Tax Plan?

The best way to create a strategic tax plan is to request a free assessment with one of our Financial Gravity team members. This simple 15- to 30-minute, no-obligation assessment first determines if Financial Gravity can substantially reduce the client’s tax burden. If that is the case, then the Financial Gravity team member will work with the client to develop a strategic tax plan that makes use of our Financial Gravity’s proprietary Tax Blueprint®.

Creating a Tax Blueprint

The Tax Blueprint® offers a straightforward tax reduction plan customized specifically for every client and their specific business. It highlights and summarizes tax savings sources as well as implementation plans. It also allows clients to be confident that the savings are realistic and often substantial. In fact, clients can expect that your tax savings will be significantly higher than the cost of the service itself. In all reality, it’s likely that a new client will rapidly recoup their investment in Financial Gravity’s services. The Tax Blueprint® service is backed by Financial Gravity’s “2X savings” guarantee, meaning you’ll never pay more than half of what Financial Gravity saves you in tax savings. You can read more on Financial Gravity’s radical approach to reducing your tax liability by downloading our free eBook, Bust the 10 Tax Myths Sabotaging Your Small Business Success.

How a Tax Blueprint Gets You Ready

When correctly implemented, the Tax Blueprint® is a plan for the year ahead. Financial Gravity team members access the thousands of pages of tax code—including the new regulations—and boils them down to a distinct and unique plan for your business. This plan is not only effective, but it’s completely legal, ethical and moral, adhering to the tax code itself. The next step of the Tax Blueprint® process is called the Tax Operating System®. When properly followed, the Tax Operating System® functions as a guide for how you plan your business and the subsequent taxes throughout the year to create maximum tax reduction. This strategic tax plan fully prepares you for tax reform, both now and into the future.

Request a Strategic Tax Assessment Today

Visit our Let’s Talk page to request a strategic tax assessment from one of our Financial Gravity team members. Remember: Time is money. Every minute you wait to set up a strategic tax assessment is more of your hard-earned money that you will never see. Don’t end 2018 having overpaid in taxes you don’t legally, ethically, or morally owe, all because you don’t have a strategic tax plan—a Tax Blueprint®.

Find out more about how you can bring on a financial advisor who will truly assist you in not only saving on your taxes but give you a solid plan for the future. Speak today with a Financial Gravity team member, Let’s Talk!

Let's Talk - Tax Reform Readiness: How a Tax Blueprint Gets You Ready

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