What Is the Tax Blueprint and Why Should I Care?

It’s safe to assume that most business owners and individuals are overpaying their taxes without even realizing it. Without a clear tax plan to guide you through the year, you’re probably one of them. That’s why Financial Gravity created its unique tool known as the Tax Blueprint in order to help its clients navigate the complex maze of the tax code.

So… What is the Tax Blueprint?

When one of our prospective clients meets with one of Financial Gravity’s Financial Gravity Team member for a simple 15-30-minute, no-obligation assessment, the first step is to determine if Financial Gravity can substantially reduce their tax burden. If that is the case, then the Financial Gravity team member will work with the client to develop a tax savings plan that makes use of our Financial Gravity’s proprietary Tax Blueprint.

Basically, the Tax Blueprint offers a straightforward tax reduction plan customized specifically to every client and their specific business. The Tax Blueprint clearly highlights and summarizes tax savings sources as well as subsequent implementation plans. This level of clarity allows clients to be confident that the savings are realistic and, in many cases, quite substantial. In fact, clients can generally expect that the overall reduction of their taxes will be significantly higher than the cost of the service itself. In all reality, it’s likely that a new client will rapidly recoup their investment in Financial Gravity’s services. The Tax Blueprint service is backed by Financial Gravity’s “2X savings” guarantee, meaning no client need ever pay more than half of what Financial Gravity saves them in tax savings!

Why is a Tax Blueprint Necessary?

Bottom line: Without a Tax Blueprint, you don’t really have a tax plan, though you may well believe you have one. Once the complimentary 15-30-minute, no-obligation assessment is complete, Financial Gravity determines if they can substantially reduce their client’s tax burden. If this is the case–and it is most of the time–the designated Financial Gravity team member then works with the client to create a personalized Tax Blueprint incorporating over 200 proactive tax strategies.

The best part is that all of these strategies stem directly from the IRS Tax Code itself, so they are legal, ethical, and moral. What’s more, Financial Gravity guarantees to supply a tax savings of at least 2 times the cost of the Tax Blueprint itself, or the client pays nothing. In other words, clients of Financial Gravity have nothing to lose except continuing to overpay on their taxes. Through the implementation of tools like the Tax Blueprint, Financial Gravity can save small business owners an average of $20,000 per year on their taxes.

Will Paying Less Tax Increase my Risk of an Audit?

Many potential clients of Financial Gravity express concern that engaging in tactics to pay less in taxes will cause red flags to go up with the IRS, leading to a painful audit. However, the fact is that paying less tax will not increase the chance of an audit, depending on how it’s done. Actual tax evasion is illegal, of course, and any hint of that kind of behavior deserves closer scrutiny from the authorities. However, tax avoidance via the Tax Blueprint is not illegal. All of the more than 200 tax-saving strategies available through the Tax Blueprint have been written into the new tax law of 2017, meaning that using them does not increase your risk of being audited–actually, it decreases the chance. Just like coming to a full halt at a stop sign every time won’t increase your chances of getting a ticket, lowering your tax liability won’t increase your chances of being audited. You’re just obeying the law.

Lower Your Taxes, Grow Your Wealth with Financial Gravity

There is a prevalent idea that fully integrated financial advice that encompasses both tax and general wealth management is a high-end service only available to the ultra-rich. Financial Gravity challenges this assumption by offering these services all in one package to the general business world. Most business owners and individuals would love to learn how to stop overpaying their taxes–and Financial Gravity offers a “one-stop shop” with services that combine the best of accountants and financial advisors. Disrupting the financial services industry by using the tax code itself to determine your unique wealth plan, Financial Gravity offers you an audit-safe, legal, moral, and ethical tax plan to guide you to prosperous days ahead.

Find out more about how you can stop overpaying on your taxes and increase your business revenue through creating a unique Tax Blueprint! Speak with a Financial Gravity team member: https://financialgravity.com/talk

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