Hopefully, your CPA is knowledgeable about taxes. They know how to check all the right boxes at the end of the year and make sure your business is complying with tax law. But is that enough? How is your CPA at thinking ahead and strategizing for your upcoming tax year?

Accountants only really understand a small portion of the tax code, the part that pertains to how your business files taxes after the fact. Instead of being future-focused, they are more interested in historical record keeping. While the unusual few may provide reactive tax advice and fewer still offer strategic tax advice, most are unaware of how to proactively and strategically make the tax code work in your favor throughout the year. Want to read up on this more? Check out our free book The New Tax Law to see just how much impact tax strategy can have on your business in 2018.

So, it’s clear that strategic tax planning isn’t exactly a standard CPA service.

Why do I need strategic tax planning, anyway?

You wouldn’t start a business without a business plan, would you? You wouldn’t build a house without a blueprint, would you? You wouldn’t plan a dinner party without a grocery list, would you?

At Financial Gravity, we firmly believe that CPAs, in general, are not serving their clients the way they should be, at least from a strategic perspective. By offering Strategic Tax Planning, Financial Gravity helps small-to-medium business owners lower their personal income tax liability, and give them the numbers and concrete plan that help them run their business successfully.

Financial Gravity Offers Strategic Tax Planning

So, what does Strategic Tax Planning at Financial Gravity look like? Designed by our experienced tax and wealth professionals and implemented by our Financial Gravity team members, the following two Financial Gravity products seek to give small business owners proactive fiduciary-type advice that serves their best strategic interests. The first is the plan: Financial Gravity’s Tax Blueprint. The next is the implementation of the plan: Our proprietary Tax Operating System.

The Tax Blueprint vs. Your CPA

A Tax Blueprint is the outline of your Strategic Tax Plan. It is very much like the blueprint of a planned building. Without a blueprint in place, your building will be an expensive disaster. What your CPA does for you is wonderful, but their service is mostly like a good description of the building after completion. They can help with identifying problems, but what if you could have avoided those problems in the first place?

Financial Gravity can help with the strategic tax guidance you need.  First, you should request to talk with one of our team members. Once you connect, set up your free 15- to 30-minute, no-obligation assessment. During the assessment, Financial Gravity will determine if we can substantially reduce your tax burden. If so, we take our 200-plus proactive tax strategies and create a personalized Tax Blueprint just for your business. All of our strategies come directly from the IRS Tax Code and are legal, ethical, and moral. The best part is that we guarantee to deliver a tax savings of at least 2x the cost of the Tax Blueprint, or it’s free. That means you have nothing to lose—except overpaying taxes. Your Tax Blueprint has the potential to return tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars annually to your bottom line. Now that’s value.

Implementing the Blueprint: Your Tax Operating System

Designed to fit any budget and circumstance, the Tax Operating System works in coordination with the Tax Blueprint by providing a suite of solutions to save you money. Financial Gravity team members work with you to determine the right solutions for your unique business and tax situation.

Regardless of which solution you select, you can count on access to our advisors, annual tax planning assistance, ongoing newsletter, and educational materials. If you are a small business owner who is tired of paying too much in taxes, Let’s Talk.

Let's Talk - Strategic Tax Planning is Not a Standard CPA Service

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