How our Strategic Assessment Meeting Ensures Your Tax Savings Success


Just like anyone else, you want to save money on your taxes, whether it’s for your small business or personally. But how can you ensure your tax savings success? One way is to set up a plan for what you do with your taxes. But what should your plan be? And how do you set it up?

Pull up a chair: Financial Gravity would like to invite you to a strategic assessment meeting.

What is a Strategic Assessment Meeting?

Financial Gravity offers a free tax analysis, or strategic assessment meeting, for small business owners. This assessment is a no-cost, no-obligation opportunity for the small business owner to determine how Financial Gravity can help them lower their income tax burden. Financial Gravity offers real-world and proactive Strategic Tax Planning to help small business owners make the most of planning.

Making the Tax Code Work for You

Here’s the thing: small business owners almost certainly are not taking advantage of every tax break available. The United States tax code as it stands is thousands of pages long, with thousands of more pages of regulations. There are thousands more pages of IRS guidance, along with many volumes of court cases interpreting all those laws, regulations, and guidance. The reality is that it is simply difficult to take advantage of every tax break to which the small business owner is entitled, just because there are so many. That’s where the free assessment comes in. Our consultants will help analyze how to maximize strategy regarding the new tax law and catch up on opportunities missed under existing law.

This is not a matter of trying to avoid or get around paying taxes using underhanded means or cheating. Instead, it’s looking for the “green lights” in the tax code which were set up to encourage small business owners to take advantage but overlooked most of the time.

What Happens During the Strategic Assessment Meeting

The whole process, for beginning to end, works like visiting a doctor’s office. If you’re sick, the doctor starts with a diagnosis. Using his or her knowledge and research, your doctor is trying to answer the question: what’s causing the pain? Once the doctor figures out what’s wrong and discusses it with you, he or she describes a solution — maybe a prescription, or surgery, or physical therapy. Once you leave the doctor’s office, the prescription is filled and picked up easily.

A Financial Gravity free assessment meeting works the same way as this imaginary doctor’s visit. The assessment meeting is merely the diagnostic portion of the process. Financial Gravity’s team members start by sitting down with you for a free Tax Analysis. They review your returns and other financial information and look for missed opportunities that may be costing you thousands in taxes that you don’t have to pay. They’ll take some time to learn about your business, your entrepreneurial desires for the future, and will also review Financial Gravity’s process and programs and explain the Tax Blueprint program.

Although Financial Gravity’s team members can’t tell you how much you can save until they sit down with you for the analysis, they can tell you right off the bat that most business owners are wasting tens-to-hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in taxes they simply don’t have to pay. After all, you owe it to yourself to make sure you’re making the most of every business opportunity to save money that you can use for reinvestment.

Interested in hearing about some real-world examples of this? Financial Gravity has a set of unique case studies that capture real business owners’ stories and how they freed up capital and time for the “big picture issues” that add real value to their business, celebrated growth in their business instead of worrying about the tax bill, and experienced the difference between tax planning and tax preparation.

Scheduling a free assessment call will help you determine if Financial Gravity’s proactive tax planning program can save you money. Find out more about how you can bring on a financial planner who will truly assist you in employing the best investment strategies for your small business. Speak with a Financial Gravity team member: Let’s Talk!!

Let's Talk - How our Strategic Assessment Meeting Ensures Your Tax Savings Success

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