The Evolution of the Entrepreneurial Tax Pro

A special webinar for the tax pro who wants to do more for their clients–and themselves, brought to you by the team that has helped hundreds of tax professionals profit from proactive tax planning.

This is a recording of the live webinar broadcast on January 18, 2022. If you have questions or are interested in how Financial Gravity can help you, please use the form below to make an appointment with Dave O’Rourke.

Dave O'Rourke

Dave O'Rourke

Dave O'Rourke is the president of Fincancial Gravity Asset Management and one of the principal driving forces behind Financial Gravity’s mission to accelerate the transformation of tax professionals into family office directors.

Dave is also Financial Gravity’s defacto Communicator in Chief, and Chief Evangelical Officer. Dave brings his special written and verbal communication skills to the creation of a wide scope of educational and motivational collateral for the Financial Gravity family of companies, including videos, webinars, newsletters, marketing campaigns and professional mentoring.

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