When you hear the words “proactive tax planning,” it’s tempting to think of a team of high-powered accountants, financial advisors and tax lawyers working for a large company in a high-rise building somewhere. These setups are known as a “Family Office,” generally utilized by wealthy individuals, families, and entrepreneurs with a net worth of at least $30 million.  

Simply put, Family Offices are private wealth management advisory firms that serve ultra-high-net-worth investors. They’re distinct from typical wealth management firms in that they offer a complete “in-house” solution to managing the financial and investment side of an affluent individual or family by employing a team of experts in all the relevant fields related to financial management, including taxes, of course.

This kind of proactive tax planning service seems inaccessible or just too costly for the typical small business owner. That might have been true in the past, but not anymore.

Integrated Tax Advice in the Family Office

Unlike the general advice that the average small business owner might receive from his CPA or attorney, the Family Office gives integrated advice. That is, they approach the subjects of tax, insurance, wealth management and all of the legalities involved as part of a whole, as opposed to unrelated entities. The Family Office works as a team looking at the complete picture of financial management. Then, they use strategies that work across all of these areas and result in the best possible outcome for the individual or business in terms of profit and taxes.

What about Proactive Tax Planning for Small Business Owners?

The vast majority of small business owners traditionally haven’t had access to this kind of expertise and the advisory team that goes with it. Unfortunately, this means that most small business owners aren’t aware of their tax strategy mistakes or the extent to which they’re paying more in taxes than they really need to pay.

Although the Family Office seems like luxury reserved for the wealthy, it doesn’t mean you have to throw in the towel on finding a solution to lower your taxes. At Financial Gravity, we offer solutions for your tax planning needs that you can take advantage of starting today.

With small business owners like yourself in mind, Financial Gravity created a Fractional Family Office®. We have tax planners and tax specialists on board to help you engage in proactive tax planning. Getting the right strategist to help you will result in immediate tax savings and the peace of mind that comes from a strategic, rather than reactive, approach to mastering your taxes.

How Financial Gravity’s Tax Plan Strategy Works

When one of our prospective clients meets with one of Financial Gravity’s Financial Gravity Team member for a simple 15- to 30-minute, no-obligation assessment, the first step is to determine if Financial Gravity can substantially reduce their tax burden. If that is the case, then the Financial Gravity team member will work with the client to develop a tax savings plan that makes use of our Financial Gravity’s proprietary Tax Blueprint®.

The Tax Blueprint® offers a clear tax reduction plan customized specifically for every client and their specific business. It clearly highlights and summarizes tax savings sources as well as subsequent implementation plans. This level of clarity allows clients to be confident that the savings are realistic and, in many cases, quite substantial. In fact, clients can generally expect that the overall reduction of their taxes will be significantly higher than the cost of the service itself. In fact, it’s likely that a new client will rapidly recoup their investment in Financial Gravity’s services. The Tax Blueprint service is backed by Financial Gravity’s “2X savings” guarantee, meaning no client need ever pay more than half of what Financial Gravity saves them in tax savings!

Your Small Business Needs a Strategic Tax Plan Right Now

Want to know more? See how as a business owner you can obtain the benefits of strategic tax planning that the large companies and wealthiest individuals enjoy by downloading our free ebook Bust the 10 Tax Myths Sabotaging Your Business Success. Then, contact Financial Gravity to request a free tax assessment. Let’s Talk!

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