Each week Financial Gravity CEO John Pollock hosts the Financial Gravity Podcast.

In a sea of boring and outdated business advice, John Pollock is changing the conversation on how small business owners approach taxes, profit and the path to growth. Curious about how John got started down the path of strategic tax planning?  Check out his story.

Matt Pearson was involved in Christian ministry for 20 years as the Executive Director of a Christian nonprofit till 2004 when he began a business coaching practice. In his business, he connected with Ed Lyon, and in this episode, he joins John to talk about the Fractional Family Office, Financial Gravity’s latest venture that will […]

Christopher Gerg is the Chief Information Security Officer and VP of Risk Management at Gillware, a company that started in 2004 in the area of data recovery but has since grown to include digital forensics and information security. Christopher started doing phone tech support for Microsoft in 1995, moved up to a Systems Administrator on […]

Brad Sugars, is the Chairman and Founder of ActionCOACH, the largest business coaching firm in the world. He uses his 26 years of experience as a business coach to guide entrepreneurs and business owners to grow and scale their businesses to create commercial profitable enterprises that work without them. He shares more about his journey […]

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Through John and a host of mega-talented guests, The Weekly Financial Gravity Podcast delivers more than just entertainment and good content. You will come away transformed and equipped with real-world financial and tax planning strategies you can immediately use to solve your most challenging business problems, including the ones you thought couldn’t be fixed. Scroll down to check out the latest episodes.