Each week Financial Gravity CEO John Pollock hosts the Financial Gravity Podcast.

In a sea of boring and outdated business advice, John Pollock is changing the conversation on how small business owners approach taxes, profit and the path to growth. Curious about how John got started down the path of strategic tax planning?  Check out his story.

 Mark Willis is a Certified Financial Planner with Lake Growth Financial Services, a full financial firm specializing in the Bank on Yourself concept. Mark explains more about what a Certified Financial Planner does that differ from typical insurance agents, and how the Bank on Yourself concept works to give policy owners financial security by […]

Fred Parrish is helping small business owners figure out the numbers that help them run their business. Too often, financial professionals like accountants, CPAs, and controllers churn out numbers that don’t make sense to the business owner and that don’t help them make sound decisions for their business. Fred is revolutionizing the industry with his […]

 Scott Winters is the CEO and Co-Founder of FA Mentor, a company that focuses on helping financial advisers create a business that can produce massive and sustainable growth. Something that is severely lacking — not just among financial advisers — is knowledge of how to run a business. With his years of experience in […]

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Through John and a host of mega-talented guests, The Weekly Financial Gravity Podcast delivers more than just entertainment and good content. You will come away transformed and equipped with real-world financial and tax planning strategies you can immediately use to solve your most challenging business problems, including the ones you thought couldn’t be fixed. Scroll down to check out the latest episodes.