Each week Financial Gravity CEO John Pollock hosts the Financial Gravity Podcast.

In a sea of boring and outdated business advice, John Pollock is changing the conversation on how small business owners approach taxes, profit and the path to growth. Curious about how John got started down the path of strategic tax planning?  Check out his story.

 Leslie Smith is the Managing Director of Silver Hill Funding, a small-balance commercial real estate lender that focuses on serving the needs of small businesses that may not meet the traditional borrowing requirements of banks. Leslie explains how her services differ from that of banks, who her ideal clients are, and why she takes […]

 Dennis Lewis is a Digital Storyteller, Blockchain Marketing Specialist, and the author of Behold the Cryptopreneurs. Dennis sheds light on the technology underlying blockchain and distributed ledgers, the distinction between banks and cryptocurrencies, and the implications of what blockchain can do for businesses and entrepreneurs. He shares some examples of how blockchain could revolutionize […]

 Charles Alexander founded his company creating animated explainer videos for busy professionals such as financial advisors, insurance agents, and business service providers. His 90-second videos help his clients stand out from others, build the know-like-and-trust factor with their audience, and close customers. He shares more why video is such a critical element of marketing […]

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Through John and a host of mega-talented guests, The Weekly Financial Gravity Podcast delivers more than just entertainment and good content. You will come away transformed and equipped with real-world financial and tax planning strategies you can immediately use to solve your most challenging business problems, including the ones you thought couldn’t be fixed. Scroll down to check out the latest episodes.