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The Multi-Family Office Difference

A rare first-mover advantage. The promise of a productivity explosion. Multiple revenue streams. A better quality of life.

More tax compliance clients won’t solve your growth and productivity problems. Doing more for the ones you already have will, and the multi-family office is your best path forward. Our Turnkey Multi-Family Office Charter is the fastest, easiest and least risky way to a bigger, more productive and more valuable business.

Family Office Director Testimonials

Tax professionals just like you have proved our concept. Listen to their powerful testimony.

"You will look like a hero in the eyes of your client!"
Aleksey kaplan family office director
Aleksey K.
CPA, Family Office Director
"The Family Office Director is the wave of the future for the accounting profession."
Kimberly perry family office director
Kim P.
CPA, Family Office Director
"Anybody who thinks they want to add advisory and additional services: this is the way to go."
Bill perlette family office director
Bill P.
Tax Pro, Family Office Director
"This year Family Office business will generate very close to the same net profit as my CPA business”
Erling brakke family office director
Erling B.
CPA, Family Office Director

We Believe This is the Best Deal Since the Dutch Bought Manhattan for $24

Let’s cut to the chase: we guarantee our Turnkey Multi-Family Office Charter will succeed for you in six months or less, or we’ll cover your subscription fees until it does. You could be on your way to a doubling of your revenues and a 10X of your practice value without sacrificing your clients, your brand or your integrity.

To our knowledge, this is the first and only offer of its type in the financial services industry. We can offer this guarantee because we know our program works.

The scope of our de-risking program goes beyond our guarantees. Our Done-For-You model means you won’t have to hire staff, take larger office space, or make a large capital outlay. Also no regulatory nightmare and no loss of control. You will get an executive coach, a dedicated partner team, comprehensive marketing services, a new website, business development campaigns, and a robust middle and back office to support your business.


Unprecedented Success Guarantee

It’s not too good to be true — but we know it’s not for everyone. Find out if it’s right for you. Do your due diligence. Book an appointment with us. Get a complimentary Tax Practice Conversion report.

The opportunity of your lifetime is calling. We hope you’ll answer the call.

Turnkey Multi-Family Office Charter Benefits

This is the end of the volume trap, of trading dollars for hours. With our Charter, your revenues are not based on hours worked, but on value delivered. Once implemented, the wealth management solutions delivered through you can continue to pay you for as long as your business exists.

You know the tax strategies you propose can have a big impact on your clients, but when they are properly and carefully implemented you will be a hero in their eyes.

Our Charter includes a comprehensive marketing program designed to keep you top of mind. All elements are education-based, with zero selling, providing robust information that will equip your clients to face the future and achieve financial security.

>Any multi-family office will have many moving parts to handle discovery, solution proposal, implementation, service and support, and our Charter has it all. And all of it designed to put you at the center of your client’s financial life.
You will likely be amazed at how many of your clients are badly in need of a true fiduciary that will put their best interests first. We routinely find there is substantial pent-up demand in our partners’ books of business. With our proven marketing and communications strategies, that demand can translate into revenues that can last as long as your business exists.

Imagine a done-for-you partnership that actually delivers on its name — you handle tax planning and relationship management, and we do everything else. This can explode your productivity and greatly increase your business valuation.

Both elements—a competitive revenue share and transparency are critical when comparing competing offers. We believe you will find that we combine the highest payouts and the lowest fine print.

You will be working with a seasoned professionals with broad and deep subject matter expertise. Our coaching program is built on decades of experience helping tax professionals evolve into fiduciary advisors.

It takes real confidence to guarantee your partner’s success. Our confidence is grounded in the real life experience our partners have enjoyed. Book the appointment; find out why we’re so confident.

Do Your Due Diligence

During your call, you may want to ask about some or all of these things:

The Turnkey Multi-Family Office Charter is Value Innovation

There’s an exciting new equation in financial services: capture wallet share not by selling, but by offering more value.

Market, consumer, and regulatory trends all favor the CPA and the EA. 

Market: Democratization of the multi-family office. (The family office has already been democratized).

Consumer: The transfer of wealth from the average American family—your client—to the finserv industry must end and be replaced by a meritocratic, competitive marketplace.

Regulatory: Best interest standard is starkly in contrast to suitability—and the perfect fit for the tax pro.

Taken together, we have seen a shift of historic proportions: for the first time, the market has changed to favor the tax pro. It is no longer asking CPAs and EAs to become salespeople. 

Right now is the time to act. To capture and exploit the first mover advantage in your marketplace. To capture the lion’s share of your client’s total expenditures…to win the Wallet Share War.

Our Turnkey MFO Charter is a revolution in sustainable, effective, transparent asset protection and wealth management. And the best news is this: our Charter requires a tax pro in a Family Office Director role.

This is not an IF thing. It’s a WHEN thing…and those who seize this moment will reap the widest margins based on value innovation and a competition-free marketplace.

Winning the Wallet Share War

You’ve been in a war your entire career—a war to capture the largest share of your clients’ total spend on financial services.

Unfortunately, if you’re like the vast majority of tax pros, you’ve been losing that war—despite being the most trusted and most reliable professional. Many CPAs and EAs capture less than 10% of their client’s wallet share.

Meanwhile, the salespeople who have been winning the war have too often done so at your client’s expense.

With our Turnkey Multi-family Office Charter, all that can change. And the best news is this: our Charter requires a tax pro in a Director role.

There’s an exciting new equation in financial services: capture wallet share not by selling, but by offering more value.

The wealthiest American families— the billionaire class—can have anything they want. When it comes to wealth management, their overwhelming choice is the family office.


Because the family office’s goals align with the family’s goals. Because the family office is never in conflict with the family. Instead of selling things to the family, they are tasked with finding and buying the best solutions available. The result can be seen in the widening wealth gap between the wealthiest Americans and everyone else.

And every family office has tax professionals in key, client-facing Director roles.

This is in marked contrast with the choices facing the rest of America’s families, where siloed salespeople from banks, brokerages, and insurance companies compete to control the client. And the result for the families has been generally poor. The average American equity investor underperforms the market substantially due to the high costs and lack of transparency that characterize old-school financial products.

We believe—with good reason—that if the 99% had the same type of relationship with their advisors, they would enjoy the same results.

Your Complimentary Tax Practice Conversion Report

Our complimentary Tax Practice Conversion Analysis is designed to estimate the revenue potential in your existing book of business. Based on decades of experience working with tax pros, and hundreds of members of the Tax Master Network, this report can be a key decision input for you as you plan the future of your practice. Schedule your call and we will gather the inputs we need to get your report to you.

To learn more about the Turnkey Multi-Family Office Charter, please schedule an appointment. If you need help scheduling an appointment, please send an email to zachary.trimble@financialgravity.com. 

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