Last week, we introduced you to Odele™, the tax planning assistant software that is going to disrupt the financial services industry as we know it. This week, we are going to tell you why we need your help designing her brain.

Wait, I need to design a brain? Who exactly is this contest for?

Software Engineers, Artificial Intelligence Experts, Machine Learning Developers, and anyone who LIVES for tackling technology challenges head on with the skill set to match the future.

What is Financial Gravity hoping to achieve with the creation of Odele™ ?

We know that disrupting a centuries-old industry is a huge feat to take on. That’s why we chose to use Hero X to help us crowdsource the knowledge and expertise. The truth is, while we are aware of the complexity of this undertaking, as well as have a basic understanding of the functions that Odele will provide small and medium sized business owners, we are also very aware that we don’t have ALL the pieces we need to bring her to life…yet. By posting this challenge to the public, we hope to attract the most talented, passionate, and creative problem solvers around the world. Does that sound like you or someone you know?

Maybe, but what’s in it for me (besides being a great ice breaker at networking events)?

If you accept the challenge, you’ll not only be helping us create Odele’s brain, but you’ll be helping Financial Gravity to make strategic tax planning accessible and affordable to EVERYONE (regardless of their bottom line.) Right now, comprehensive strategic tax planning is currently reserved for the uber-wealthy. With the help of technology (and your savvy AI skills), we can help small and medium sized business owners pay less tax — which then allows them to pump more money back into their businesses and the economy. Win-win! Oh and did we mention there is prize money involved? Financial Gravity will award a total prize pool of up to $125,000. This prize may be split by up to 5 winners. The minimum prize is expected to be $20,000.

Claim your spot in history today! Head over to the Hero X page to learn more about the contest and what we are looking for.

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