If you follow Financial Gravity on social media or if you regularly listen to John Pollock’s weekly podcast, then you’ve probably already heard us say, many times before, that we are a Moral, Ethical, and Legal company. But what does that mean exactly? 

MORAL- Financial Gravity treats others how we like to be treated. 

John Pollock started the long arduous task of studying the tax code (all 70,000 pages) when he was personally blindsided by taxes. As his financial advising business became more successful, his tax liability increased exponentially (his income doubled,  while his taxes tripled.) After talking to countless professionals and getting nowhere, he decided to go straight to the source and study the tax code himself. He didn’t think it was right that the financial industry benefitted from his lack of  tax code knowledge. He then created the first national tax firm, Financial Gravity, specifically to help entrepreneurs and small business owners reduce their personal tax liability.

ETHICAL – The advice and strategies that Financial Gravity proposes positively affect the world and the well-being of you, the entrepreneur or small business owner. 

By implementing the solutions within the tax code, we will help you reduce your taxes which will then allow you to pump money back into your business. Whether you decide to use that money to hire more staff, open another location, or train your current staff, you’ll be giving away less money to Uncle Sam and infusing more money into your local economy. 

LEGAL- Financial Gravity has partners nationwide that know how to correctly implement the rules located in the tax code.

Though the tax code may be a boring read, the “rules” located within are 100% legal to use (if implemented correctly.) In fact, that’s what they’re there for! The IRC (Internal Revenue Code) is available for anyone to read and use (though most people don’t). Though there are rules tied to the use of these rules, most are surprisingly simple. Following these strategies can easily save you thousands of dollars and not increase your risk of audit.

There’s nothing like receiving that first big tax bill to take the wind out of your entrepreneurial sails. Feeling helpless, you go to an accountant, attorney or business consultant because you think they will help. They offer some advice along the lines of “you make what you make, you pay what you pay,” and they send you away. Financial Gravity offers MORAL, ETHICAL, and LEGAL integrated advice for business owners across tax planning, financial services, and business strategy. If you’d like to know how Financial Gravity can help you pay less tax, get in touch today. 

*Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

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