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CPAs Can Double Their Revenue With Our Turnkey Multi-Family Office Charter

Our Turnkey Multi-Family Office Charter has everything you need. You do tax planning, we do everything else.

We believe this is the best deal since the Dutch bought Manhattan for $24

Let’s cut to the chase: we guarantee our Turnkey Multi-Family Office Charter will succeed for you in six months or less, or we’ll cover your subscription fees until it does. You could be on your way to a doubling of your revenues and a 10X of your practice value without sacrificing your clients, your brand or your integrity.

To our knowledge, this is the first and only offer of its type in the financial services industry. We can offer this guarantee because we know our program works.

The scope of our de-risking program goes beyond our guarantees. Our Done-For-You model means you won’t have to hire staff, take larger office space, or make a large capital outlay. Also no regulatory nightmare and no loss of control. You will get an executive coach, a dedicated partner team, comprehensive marketing services, a new website, business development campaigns, and a robust middle and back office to support your business.


Unprecedented Success Guarantee

It’s not too good to be true–but we know it’s not for everyone. Find out if it’s right for you. Do your due diligence. Book an appointment with us. Get a complimentary Tax Practice Conversion report.

The opportunity of your lifetime is calling. We hope you’ll answer the call.

White-Labeled Marketing

Our Turnkey Multi-Family Office Charter will provide you with everything you need to provide your clients with the family office experience–including agency-level, comprehensive marketing solutions and support to build a brand that can compete–and win–against the biggest players in your market..

Done-For-You Marketing is about you, your brand and your value proposition. White labeled to your practice, our marketing solutions will articulate your value proposition in a professional and persuasive way.

Monthly Campaigns

Wallet share is downstream from mindshare, and our monthly campaigns are designed to keep you and your practice top-of-mind. Grounded in education and the fiduciary values of the family office approach of Taxes First, Then Math®, your clients will gain valuable insights and information about the way the wealthiest American families’ wealth is protected and managed.

Custom Websites

Designed to supplement your existing website, your new Family Office Director website will explain the benefits of the family office model, and features the powerhouse team that supports you. It also includes links to educational material and a recorded webinar that tells your story. Your new FOD website is a critical component of your marketing strategy.


Your monthly Family Office Chronicle will set you apart from the sea of mediocrity that is your competitor’s newsletters. You can see a sample here. Blending topical takes and eternal themes, you will provide the perspective and the prescriptions your clients need to navigate a dynamic and often stressful wealth management environment.

Lead Generation

Considered the Holy Grail of marketing, we can help you reach beyond the clients you have to the clients you want. We will provide all of the design, delivery and fulfillment you need to let your marketplace know that your value proposition is superior. Lead generation done in concert with your comprehensive marketing program can give you an enormous advantage over your competitors.

Full Support Services

Comprehensive support services are a critical component not only of our Partnership but for any successful and productive tax-based advisory practice. Financial Gravity has a long history with tax professionals, and our leadership team has raised billions in client assets. We have in-depth experience and familiarity with family offices, and a keen understanding of why that model works for everyone involved–and can work for you.

Mentoring and Coaching

Financial Gravity professionals bring decades of experience in financial services, covering a broad spectrum of disciplines and a track record of success in practice management and business development. Our firm works with hundreds of tax professionals across the US, and has a special empathy that allows us to guide you through the transition to Family Office Director.

Client Servicing

A key deliverable of our Done-For-You model is our back office team. Working with a best-of-breed technology stack, we will handle all of your clients’ routine service requests, like RMDs, tax loss harvesting, account set up and asset transfers, document management, white labeled client portal and much more.

World-class Business Development Team

The key to massive increases in productivity is diversification of revenues beyond tax compliance and the “fees and forms” volume-based business. Working with a sophisticated process-driven CRM, we automate the creation and development of deals and opportunities created by your white-label marketing engine. Our Taxes First, Then Math philosophy is the most client-friendly approach in the industry, allowing you to win on the merits with zero selling.

A Team of Subject Matter Experts

Family offices coordinate and integrate the work for multiple professionals from diverse specialties. Financial Gravity provides you with experts in financial planning, retirement planning, asset protection, risk management, asset management and estate planning. From the most simple decisions of asset location to the most complex financial structures, we operate with one objective: the best interests of your clients.

Schedule a Call to Receive a Complimentary Tax Practice Conversion Report

Our complimentary Tax Practice Conversion Analysis is designed to estimate the revenue potential in your existing book of business. Based on decades of experience working with tax pros, and hundreds of members of the Tax Master Network, this report can be a key decision input for you as you plan the future of your practice. Schedule your call and we will gather the inputs we need to get your report to you.

If this sounds like you, book an appointment now. We have the model you’ve been looking for:

The ethical CPA or EA often works harder than other financial professionals, and virtually always acts in the client’s best interest, yet sometimes claims the smallest share of the client’s total spend on financial services. This is wrong in so many ways. Isn’t it ironic that the wealth managers you refer your clients to often don’t even provide tax-efficient financial solutions? If your clients struggle and fail due to conflicted and siloed advice, isn’t it time you changed all that? Learn how in this must-see webinar.

Making This Transition Takes Knowledge, Confidence and Marketing

Until now, these have all been barriers blocking your growth. In this webinar you will learn how to gain the confidence so essential to success–confidence born of the knowledge that you are offering superior value to your clients. And you will discover how a communications program based in client education can transform your role in your clients’ lives.

Learn More: On-Demand Webinar

Not quite ready to book an appointment? We suggest you take a half hour to watch a recent webinar presentation that makes our argument and value proposition. What you'll learn:

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