Financial Gravity Welcomes Zack Kraines as a New Family Office Director

Financial Gravity Companies, Inc. (OTC: FGCO) (“Financial Gravity”) welcomes Zack Kraines aboard as a Family Office Director. Zack is a CPA with a Master’s in Accounting and an MBA. Before starting his firm, he was a controller for a multi-state manufacturing/distribution company based in Dallas.

Accounting is Zack’s passion, and he believes there is much more to accounting than just numbers. He believes it is about understanding the very soul of a business and what makes it tick. He also believes that it is not just about adding some numbers together but being able to take the detailed information and chart a path for business owners to grow their businesses and support their families. Zack has lived all over the world. Israel, New York, South Carolina, Mexico, South Africa, Texas, and Florida. Zack feels that “besides making for an interesting life, it has also given me an appreciation for people and their backgrounds.”

Scott Winters, CEO of Financial Gravity, shares, “We are excited to have Zack as part of the Financial Gravity family. I There is a great amount of opportunity to add significant and important resources and services so that Zack can better serve his clients and at the same time help Financial Gravity expand its reach.”

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