What is a Strategic Tax Reduction Plan, and Why Do I Need One?

It’s Foundational

The Tax Blueprint® provides a clear, proactive, strategic tax reduction plan that is customized specifically to you and your business.

The fundamental goal of any business is to maximize money coming in and minimize money going out.The easiest way to turbocharge your profit is to stop wasting money on unnecessary expenses. You wouldn’t start a business without a business plan, right? So why would you take on the tax code without a Tax Blueprint?

A Strategic Tax Plan is a true “business fundamental,” and odds are you don’t have one.

Before your CPA

The great majority of CPAs do not know how to do this level of tax planning, simply because they are not trained to do so.

In fact, the majority of CPAs do not do any proactive planning, they work historically, completing tax returns that only reflect where you have been, not where you are, or should be, going.

To leverage the benefits of the tax code, you must be proactive. Forward looking. You must have a plan. You need a Tax Blueprint.

Legal, Ethical, Moral

We use the IRS Tax Code comprehensively to ensure you only pay what you must. The tax code exists to help you pay less tax, but very few know how to utilize it.

Every tax reduction strategy we employ in the Tax Blueprint is sourced and referenced directly to the IRS Tax Code. Every strategy is legal, ethical, and moral.

Sources of tax savings directly from the IRS Code, along with implementation plans, are highlighted and summarized so you can be confident that the savings are real.


What could you do if you kept more of your money? $20,000, $50,000, $100,000+ in tax savings per year!


This is backed up by our 2X savings guarantee. That means you’ll never pay more than half of what we save you in tax savings. It doesn’t get easier than that.

A Quick FREE Assessment is all it takes to start your Tax Blueprint process, which could save you tens-to-hundreds of thousands in taxes EVERY year!


How Does Strategic Tax Reduction Work?

You can think of it like building a house…


The 1st step is to DESIGN. That’s what a Tax Blueprint® is. It is a comprehensive tax design – a strategic tax reduction plan built specifically for you.


The 2nd step is to BUILD. Our Tax Operating System® is the “build phase,” or implementation of the plan. We do all the work. We make it easy!


The 3rd step is to actually LIVE in the house! Here, you realize the benefits of the Design and Build steps, and we are there with you to improve and maintain the plan!

You can also think of it like going to the doctor…


DISCOVER what’s causing the pain


Make a PLAN to relieve the pain


Take ACTION to relieve the pain!

It‘s Not What You Make, It’s What You Keep

Every minute you wait is more of your hard-money that you will never see, overpaid in taxes you don’t legally, ethically, or morally owe, all because you don’t have a strategic tax reduction plan – a Tax Blueprint!

Yes! I want a Tax Blueprint® – show me how!

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