New Program to fill Tax Strategy need for Small Businesses

ALLEN, TX Certified Public Accountants (CPA’s) are trained and certified in generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), mainly focused on the recording and processing of historical data. Enrolled Agents (EA’s) are trained to file tax returns by the US Treasury Department. Financial Gravity’s Certified Tax Master (CTM) Program is designed to train accounting and tax professionals to help their clients reduce their personal income taxes to the minimum amount allowable by law, utilizing the full power of the IRS tax code in a moral and ethical manner.

“The CTM program will be filling a gaping hole in the tax/accounting world. Most small businesses owners want to pay less in income taxes, but don’t have the time or knowledge to solve this problem, and the professionals they look to don’t know how to solve the problem either. We intend to train an army of them” said Ed Lyon, Chief Tax Strategist of Financial Gravity & President of Tax Coach System.

John Pollock, CEO of Financial Gravity remarked “As we continue our national expansion, it is critical that we have people in the marketplace that will help us execute on our vision to recapture the dollars wasted on taxes and put that capital back to work in the entrepreneur’s business, so they can hire more, grow more, and contribute more effectively to our economy.”

More details about the CTM Program are available by contacting Financial Gravity or attending our 2016 Fall Conference.


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