On October 13-14, Financial Gravity held its 2016 Fall Conference, attracting Financial Advisors from across the country. The response to these conferences continues to grow, as advisors are starting to get the message.

Understanding that the financial services landscape is rapidly changing to serve more sophisticated and independent clientele, these advisors seek to partner with Financial Gravity to leverage their ground-breaking Fractional Family Office®model, which provides wealth management, tax planning and other services to high net-worth individuals and businesses nationwide. Through its Partner Program, advisors from across the country offer Financial Gravity’s Tax Blueprint®, Tax Operating System®, and Wealth options to their clients, which enhance and complement their own current offerings.

The Partners utilize Financial Gravity’s suite of tools and technology, beyond the Tax Products, which include an Automated Marketing System, Advisor Architect, Tax Coach Software’s offerings, and many other valuable resources and services.

Check out some photos from the event, and look for testimonials which will be posted in upcoming blogs!

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