Ed Lyon, Financial Gravity’s Chief Tax Strategist, joins John on this episode to discuss their newest venture — Tax Master Network. John and Ed discuss the birth (and death) of Tax Coach and how that eventually paved the way for Tax Master Network. They also dive into the impact technology has, and will have, on jobs and particularly the accounting industry as well as the risks associated with taking a short-term view to any job or industry. How does Tax Master Network address these concerns and create incredible value for clients? Tune in to find out!


Key Takeaways:

[:18] John introduces his guest for this episode — Ed Lyon.

[1:34] John shares a little about Financial Gravity’s new sponsor, SmartVault.

[2:23] How did Tax Coach come about?

[6:54] Ed and John discuss info-marketing and the different segments of the market that it works for.

[11:25] Ed gives an analogy to explain his tax planning process.

[16:40] What was the evolutionary process that led to the Certified Tax Coach info-marketing business being built on top of the existing Tax Coach software?

[20:10] John gives an example from his experience where having the right tools and information doesn’t necessarily translate into results.

[24:00] The accounting industry is in jeopardy.

[26:40] There is a history of technology being used to do jobs more efficiently and in the future, to take over certain jobs entirely.

[34:04] There are risks associated with adopting a short-term view of your position in an industry.

[43:04] Why did John and Ed choose the name Tax Master Network?

[48:05] What is Tax Master Network all about?

[52:43] John and Ed discuss the additional benefits Tax Master Network provides its clients.

[1:04:53] Tax Master Network, in its partnership with Financial Gravity, will be able to provide its clients much more than it could previously under Tax Coach.


Mentioned in This Episode:

SmartVault [Use the discount code “TaxMasterNetwork” for 15% off your entire first year of service!]

Ed Lyon, Chief Tax Strategist

Tax Master Network

Dan Kennedy

American Institute of Certified Tax Coaches

Tax Coach

Certified Tax Coach

Humans Are Underrated: What High Achievers Know That Brilliant Machines Never Will,
by Geoffrey Colvin

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