Kirk Conole is one of the partners and the Chief Operating Officer of DCI Solutions, a cost and tax credit specialist. DCI Solutions operates on a very unique business model that focuses on cost-cutting and cost-containment for clients, and Kirk explains the ways in which his business helps clients make money by saving money. Kirk and John also discuss strategies for approaching networking conversations, and why it’s so important for businesses to really understand and connect with their clients. Tune in to find out more.


Key Takeaways:

[:17] John introduces his guest for this episode — Kirk Conole.

[2:19] At networking events, Kirk’s strategy is to really understand and connect with the people he meets in order to identify their true nature and essence.

[11:27] John’s purpose for this podcast is to share entrepreneurs’ stories to show that not everything is glitz and glamour.

[13:05] How does Kirk transition from listening to someone’s story to sharing how he can make it better for them?

[20:02] Kirk shares an anecdote about his appearance on a TV game show and how it relates to what he does.

[27:36] John and Kirk discuss why their children think they’re heroes — hint, it’s not because of their amazing businesses.

[28:34] What can Kirk offer business owners? The jump from great to greater.

[32:30] Kirk shares more about what the cost-efficiency dashboard is and how it helps business owners save money.

[33:58] Who is Kirk’s target market?

[37:42] Kirk explains the other two qualities that help people to succeed, and how they relate to business.

[43:25] John and Kirk delve into the topic of tax credits and how they apply to help businesses save money.

[48:03] How does Kirk overcome the problem of employees not being invested in or enjoying the benefit of the changes necessary for the betterment of the company or business owner? It comes down to priorities.

[56:01] John highlights the difference between DCI’s business model and other typical business models.

[1:01:01] Kirk explains the growth chart he presents to business owners to show them the level of savings they can enjoy.

[1:07:43] Do check out the links for more information on what Kirk does and get in touch so that Kirk can help you grow your business.

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