Dania Buchanan is the Senior Vice President of Growth and Marketing at SmartVault, an online platform that deals with document storage, secure file sharing, and optimization of workflow processes. John and Dania discuss the key differences between SmartVault and other similar platforms that allow them to fulfill key business needs in industries that deal with sensitive and confidential client information, as well as some of the problems that it solves. They also discuss the forthcoming changes in the industry and how different clients benefit from SmartVault, so be sure to tune in!


Key Takeaways:

[:20] John introduces his guest for this episode — Dania Buchanan

[1:19] What is SmartVault?

[3:20] John shares how SmartVault has helped Financial Gravity.

[5:46] Dania highlights the key difference between SmartVault and other document sharing/storing platforms.

[9:54] John and Dania discuss the need for different approaches to changing times/technologies, and how that changes workflows in different industries.

[13:43] SmartVault is not an accounting firm, but rather provides tools for accounting firms to use in their businesses.

[16:05] John dives into some of the problems Financial Gravity encountered before switching to SmartVault, and how SmartVault solved them.

[21:06] How do different SmartVault clients use this technology to automate their workflows?

[28:08] SmartVault allows firms to customize the platform according to their needs to optimize their workflows.

[31:26] Dania and John discuss some of the challenges the system faces and their hopes and projections for the future.

[37:19] Dania brings up some of her observations about the industry and the changes that are forthcoming.

[46:02] John summarizes the benefits of SmartVault.


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