This special report is an update on the previous Special Report. Dan Sundby, Chief Sales Officer, joins John once again to provide a state of the union for Financial Gravity and where things are going. John and Dan take a look at Financial Gravity’s leadership model, the changes made to the systems, processes, and people to keep in touch with the company’s vision, and what how things will change moving forward. Tune in to find out more about the changes afoot in Financial Gravity.


Key Takeaways:

[:46] John introduces his guest for this episode — Dan Sundby, Chief Sales Officer.

[1:01] What makes a great company? The first and most obvious one is leadership. What is Financial Gravity’s leadership model, and how does that drive decision-making from a leadership standpoint?

[7:33] Process is the second thing that makes a great company. What are some processes that have been put into place since the last special report to aim toward doing the hard stuff well?

[11:41] John discusses some of the issues that came up in terms of products and people with regards to outsourcing.

[20:40] John shares how and why demonstrating value to prospects by identifying and solving problems for them is so powerful.

[26:25] Building a company is like baking a cake — you can’t just have the right ingredients, they have to be in the right proportions. How, as CEOs, can you get the different parts of the company all working together in the right proportions?

[36:20] How has Financial Gravity managed communications their different customers — external end customers such as small business owner clients and internal customers such as partners, financial advisers and other people who work with the company?

[40:03] Dan sheds light on the remarkable results of the ETS study.

[46:43] John explains their situation with a football analogy, and they discuss how the changes made in the last 90 days have contributed to their current strong standing.

[51:00] John and Dan discuss why it’s important for business owners to organize themselves in a way that better serves them.

[57:26] John is excited about the changes that have been made to the systems and to see how they will hold up in times to come.

[1:02:27] All the things John learns, whether from reading or studying other businesses, are applied to his business!


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