John Matheson has been a commercial real estate developer by trade for over 30 years and recently launched Commercial Loan Success, a company aimed at helping borrowers and lenders communicate in the same language. John Matheson and John discuss the importance of capital in growing a business, as well as how the recession has changed the rules of engagement. John Matheson’s software aims to help clients open up the conversation with lenders and ease the process, by revolutionizing the industry. Tune in to find out more!


Key Takeaways:

[:21] John introduces his guest for this episode — John Matheson.

[1:57] What does John Matheson do and how did he get into his business?

[4:58] John and John Matheson discuss the necessity of capital in growing a business.

[9:48] The rules for successful capital raising and lender financing have changed since the recession.

[11:11] John Matheson deconstructs the industry into two types of lending — secured vs. unsecured — and how he helps his clients navigate these areas.

[19:51] John draws a parallel between entrepreneurs facing rejection about their product or service and rejection from a bank.

[20:32] John Matheson explains how his software gives his clients the power and language to communicate with banks to get what they want.

[25:50] How does John Matheson disrupt the industry for the good of all small business owners and real estate investors? He shares a personal anecdote that led him to disrupt the industry.

[33:16] John Matheson describes his partnership and how his software empowers his clients.

[37:04] Once the software determines that you’re a ‘Go,’ what becomes critical is determining the right source of capital for your business.

[39:36] Does John Matheson focus on banks or the consumer as his client?

[42:57] John Matheson highlights other people who can leverage the software to help clients.

[43:27] Where does John Matheson get profit?

[46:53] John and John Matheson discuss some idiosyncrasies of the commercial lending space.

[49:00] What is the difference between a SPA504 and 7A?

[51:00] What are some apps John Matheson is using?

[55:23] Get in touch with John Matheson and check out his software via his website.


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