Mark Tapp is the founder of The Savings Guy, a company that helps businesses with loans, and a partner of Financial Gravity. Mark provides his clients an invaluable service by helping them get out of bad loans and into better situations financially by assessing their business situation from a holistic perspective. Mark shares his insights into the loans available to small business owners, the challenges they face with regards to loans, and how his business helps clients keep more of what they make. Tune in to find out more.


Key Takeaways:

[:20] John introduces his guest for this episode – Mark Tapp.

[2:05] How did Mark get into the commercial lending space and what does he do?

[4:55] Mark shares how taxes play into his business.

[7:00] What are some of the challenges in business owners face with regards to loans?

[11:57] Mark helps clients get out bad loans and into something a bit better. He explains how he does this for clients.

[17:24] Mark’s business is centered around acting as a middleman and helping clients aggregate between different offerings in the commercial loans space. How does he perform this function?

[23:48] What are some things business owners can do in running their business to help Mark help them?

[26:58] John and Mark discuss how they help clients unpack problems to solve them in better ways, primarily by asking clients the question “What are you trying to accomplish?” instead of letting them self-diagnose their problems.

[32:20] John highlights the risk the accompanies loans, but also the fact that they’re a major tool for building a business.

[35:50] Mark leaves us with the insight that all the different parts of the financial system are integral to a businesses success, but also that someone with a holistic perspective is crucial to help business owners connect the dots.

[38:37] Check out the other two podcast episodes with Ty Crandall and John Matheson for more information about the commercial lending space.

[39:56] What are some apps that Mark uses?

[42:30] Get in touch with Mark via his website for a free consultation, or give him a call!


Mentioned in This Episode:

Mark Tapp

Call Mark Tap: 800-590-5291

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