Mark Podolsky is a professional land investor since 2001, who has done over 5200 land deals. Apart from investing in raw land, he also teaches other people how to what he does, which is to create passive income in land investing without renters, rehabs, renovations or rodents. On this episode, Mark and John discuss his business model in a massive untapped niche market, and how he has built up his business to provide him with passive income and minimal involvement. Tune in to find out more.


Key Takeaways:

[:23] John introduces his guest for this episode — Mark Podolsky.

[:49] What does Mark do?

[1:52] How does land investing work?

[5:56] How did Mark get into this industry?

[9:12] What made investment banking such a drudgery for Mark?

[11:43] Mark describes the difference between what he does and the tax liens business.

[13:17] Mark and John discuss other strategies in Mark’s industry.

[17:38] What are some of the systems Mark uses to keep his business running? It may seem simple, but it’s not easy!

[20:24] What is the long-term potential in this business?

[22:30] Mark shares this podcasts and how he teaches people to get into his industry.

[27:02] What was Mark’s process before he created systems for his business?

[29:37] How did Mark’s business perform in 2008?

[33:18] What is Parkinson’s Law of Money?

[35:34] What has Mark learned about taxes and accounting in his business?

[44:39] What are Mark’s superpower and his kryptonite?

[51:06] What are some apps or technology that Mark uses that have made an impact on his life and business?

[57:40] Check out Mark’s website for more information!


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