Micah Bellieu is the founder of Fluency Corp, a company that helps business professionals get fluent in the language they do business in. After her own experiences with relocating to Mexico and struggle with learning Spanish she could use in her daily life, Micah founded Fluency Corp and now helps others learn their chosen language with a customized program that is relevant, interesting, and fun. Tune in to find out more about Micah’s business and how she is changing the paradigm of education.


Key Takeaways:

[:19] John introduces his guest for this episode — Micah Bellieu.

[1:30] What does Micah do?

[5:05] How did Micah have the idea for Fluency Corp? She shares her own experience with relocation.

[9:19] John shares an analogy of a guitar teacher and how that applies to learning a language.

[11:54] John and Micah discuss the importance of having a safe space to rehearse.

[14:40] Micah busts the myth that people can be bad at languages — it’s the method that’s bad, not you!

[15:25] Relevance, interest, and fun are the key aspects that make Micah’s method more effective.

[21:27] Micah has been in EO’s Accelerator Program for the past two years. What are some of the benefits she gets from it?

[27:45] What is Micah’s superpower or unique ability?

[31:25] What has Micah learned about taxes and accounting?

[34:55] Micah shares an experience where she thought she wasn’t going to make it, and what she’s learned from the experience.

[40:58] John and Micah discuss taking the leap of faith in building a business.

[46:02] What are some apps and technology Micah uses?

[51:01] Find out more about Micah and her work at her website.


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