John Bowen is a serial entrepreneur and founder of three companies, CEG Worldwide, catering to financial advisors, AES Nation, focusing on entrepreneurs, and BSW Inner Circle, which is a by-invite-only concierge service for entrepreneurs committed to becoming seriously wealthy. Tune in to this episode to find out more about what John does and how he helps entrepreneurs. He also shares insights about the importance of masterminds as well as the impact the virtual family office model could have on your business.


Key Takeaways:

[:17] John introduces his guest for this episode — John Bowen.

[1:12] Who is John Bowen?

[6:15] What is John Bowen’s superpower and unique ability?

[8:42] What is the concept of the family office?

[13:54] John and John Bowen discuss the illustration of purchasing an annuity.

[16:51] John Bowen shares five trends he is seeing on the virtual family office side.

[20:01] John Bowen shares some of his insights about masterminds.

[25:29] How was John Bowen’s business affected by tax law changes and how did he overcome the challenges?

[32:46] What is BSW Inner Circle?

[38:59] Find out more about what John Bowen is doing by visiting his websites.


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