Jackie Messersmith is the President of Talent Snapshot, a company that provides tools, not for hiring but more for managing employees once they have been hired. Jackie uses a unique system and process that helps medium-sized companies evaluate their employees based on competencies and then provide courses to help them improve different skill sets. John and Jackie discuss the importance of such competency-based talent management, especially in light of low unemployment rates. Tune in to find out more!


Key Takeaways:

[:18] John introduces his guest for this episode — Jackie Messersmith

[1:05] Who is Jackie and what does she do?

[2:09] When does Jackie use tools such as DiSC or Culture Index? How does she determine competency?

[4:07] What is Jackie’s process in her company?

[6:18] How often does Jackie recommendation this assessment be done?

[8:14] How did Jackie get into this business?

[11:25] Who is Jackie’s primary customer base?

[13:14] What does Jackie’s report look like?

[14:54] What is a serious obstacle Jackie has faced, and overcome?

[22:00] What are Jackie’s superpower and unique ability?

[24:11] What is Jackie’s kryptonite?

[25:40] How did Jackie come up with this system and process that is unique to her company?

[31:46] John and Jackie discuss the importance of learning certain skills that aren’t taught in school.

[35:18] What has Jackie learned about accounting, bookkeeping, and profitability that she didn’t know before she started her business?

[39:50] What is the process of getting to work with Jackie, and what are her prices?

[46:40] John and Jackie also discuss how low unemployment has an impact on this problem that Jackie is dealing with.

[51:36] What are some apps or technologies that Jackie uses?

[54:57] Get in touch with Jackie via her website, or give her a call.


Mentioned in This Episode:

Talent Snapshot

Email Jackie Messersmith

Call Jackie Messersmith – 513 528 9700


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