Aaron Hendon is in the real estate business with the Keller Williams Brokerage. However, Aaron has a different take on his industry and is changing the rules of the game. On this episode, Aaron shares how he has niched down and differentiated himself from the rest of his competitors to cater to the boomer market in a unique way, and his true passion of providing consumers with knowledge of the industry that will help them make better decisions. Tune in to find out more.

Key Takeaways:

[:20] John introduces his guest for this episode — Aaron Hendon.

[1:34] The real estate industry has low barriers to entry, but most people aren’t able to build big businesses from it. How has Aaron been able to build his team in an industry that doesn’t usually lend itself to team-building?

[5:35] How did Aaron make the decision to be involved in the negotiation process?

[7:07] Aaron explains the shortcomings and customer perceptions of the real estate industry that have caused its professionals to rest on their laurels, and fail to differentiate themselves.

[14:07] What is Aaron’s niche?

[15:13] Aaron and John discuss the fascinating statistic of real estate agents getting more for their own homes by keeping the property on the market for longer.

[19:58] Another way Aaron has increased his success is by choosing a niche and focusing on a market where he has become the leader.

[23:40] How did Aaron figure out his niche and get started in serving the boomer market with value-added services?

[25:38] Aaron shares how he was able to scale his business, differentiate it, and now spread his knowledge to others.

[28:48] What is Aaron’s process to share his knowledge of the real estate industry with consumers?

[34:46] John and Aaron address the idea of a servant’s heart in all entrepreneurs.

[36:58] Check out Aaron’s books and his website for some great resources.

Mentioned in This Episode:

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The Millionaire Real Estate Agent, by Gary Keller

Shortchanged by Shortcuts?: 44 Surprising Ways People Rip Themselves Off When Buying or Selling Their Home, by Aaron Hendon

Books by Aaron Hendon

Zillow Talk

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