Kris Benson is the Chief Investment Officer and Partner in Reliant Investments, a commercial self-storage operator that focuses on buying and managing self-storage facilities. Kris’s background is in sales, but after realizing it was not sustainable for the kind of lifestyle he wanted, he took a leap of faith to start investing in public storage. He explains some of the key considerations for investors looking to enter this space, and some of the trends in the real estate market to look out for. Tune in to find out more about this opportunity to be a part of a profitable investment!

Key Takeaways:

[:18] John introduces his guest for this episode — Kris Benson.

[1:40] What does Kris do?

[2:18] How does Kris’s business operate, in terms of buying and managing properties?

[3:49] Kris explains how he builds relationships with his trusted partners who are investors.

[4:27] How does self-storage fit into the overall real estate market?

[8:09] Kris and John discuss how profitable storage is as a model, compared to other types of real estate.

[9:24] John highlights a trend of having smaller retail businesses share the frontage space of the storage facility.

[14:16] How did Kris get into the public storage space?

[20:10] Kris explains how he was able to take the leap into this space without knowing all the facts.

[23:59] What are the things Kris looks at from an investing standpoint?

[30:02] There are many upsides to the storage industry that exist in the marketplace.

[32:28] Where is the opportunity to share in Kris’s success?

[37:33] Kris shares how he delivers the projected returns to investors by being opportunistic, and why it’s important for investors to know their operators.

[43:33] One of the huge benefits of real estate is the idea that as an investor, you participate in the depreciation.

[47:49] Find out more about Kris and the work that he does by visiting his websites.

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