Brad Sugars, is the Chairman and Founder of ActionCOACH, the largest business coaching firm in the world. He uses his 26 years of experience as a business coach to guide entrepreneurs and business owners to grow and scale their businesses to create commercial profitable enterprises that work without them. He shares more about his journey in business coaching and how he teaches other business owners what he has learned. Brad and John discuss more about strategy, and how entrepreneurs can take their businesses to the next level through coaching. Tune in to find out m

Key Takeaways:

[:18] John introduces his guest for this episode — Brad Sugars.

[1:38] When Brad first started coaching he focused on the business aspects of improving a business such as sales and marketing.

[3:47] The first thing that you learn as an entrepreneur is everything you don’t know.

[8:02] What is Brad’s method for teaching what he’s learning?

[12:11] What is Brad’s response to the business owner who thinks they don’t need a coach?

[15:58] Brad and John discuss the importance of having a community of entrepreneurs or business owners to converse about the problems they face in their businesses.

[17:35] What is Brad’s process when an entrepreneur signs up for coaching with him?

[18:40] Business is a commercial profitable enterprise that works without you — Brad explains this in more detail.

[22:30] Brad shares more about the leverage that’s built into the discipline of strategy, and why owner’s work differs from employee’s work.

[24:31] All business owners should be aiming to create a saleable enterprise.

[28:45] The second part of strategy has to do with the business being able to scale up.

[31:37] Brad shares a comparison between Apple and Microsoft.

[36:06] A lot of the biggest businesses operate on platform strategies.

[40:37] Brad shares how he first got into the coaching business.

[43:30] Which book of Brad’s should business owners start with?

[45:00] What is ActionCOACH all about and how can business owners get involved?

Mentioned in This Episode:

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The Business Coach, by Bradley J. Sugars

Pulling Profits Out of a Hat, by Brad Sugars

Billionaire in Training, by Bradley J. Sugars

The Wealth Coach, by Bradley Sugars

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Jim Rohn

Zig Ziglar

Tom Hopkins

Buckminster Fuller


Ari Meisel Book










Whole Foods


Jeff Bezos

Strategic Coach

Warren Buffett

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