Evan Rapoport is the CEO of SMArtX Advisory Solutions, an independent-of-custodian platform that provides clients with real-time data to make instant decisions. He and his company have revolutionized the space to bring products and services that were previously only available to the uber-rich to everybody in a more transparent, cost-effective, and secure way. Evan and John dive into some of the shortcomings of some of the existing technology and platforms in this space, and how SMArtX has used technology to expand into the Turnkey Asset Management Program (TAMP) space. Tune in to find out more about how Evan and his company are turning the industry around.

Key Takeaways:

[:18] John introduces his guest for this episode — Evan Rapoport.

[1:26] How did Evan get into his business today?

[7:32] What role does SMArtX play in the industry today?

[10:34] Evan shares more about the partnership with SS&C Advent.

[11:55] Evan explains the role of SMArtX within the TAMP space.

[16:25] What has the evolution of the business been like?

[20:52] John shares some of his observations for the marketplace and how SMArtX allows its clients to be creative in building their portfolios.

[24:24] What are some of the benefits of working with SMArtX?

[29:30] John highlights that SMArtX is a technology firm that uses its own technology.

[32:28] Most great innovation comes from outside the industry.

[35:12] John and Evan discuss Black Diamond and its role in the success of SMArtX.

[40:13] Evan leaves us with some final thoughts.

Mentioned in This Episode:

Evan Rapoport


HedgeCoVest, SMArtX Advisory


SS&C Advent

Black Diamond Platform



Adhesion Wealth Advisor Solutions, Inc.


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